Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kids Say The Darndest Things! 2015

Years and years ago my Mentor Mom Sheri at MOPS gave me a book for Christmas. She said that this book was for me to right down all the silly or monumental things that happened in my kids lives. That way on those hard days I could look back and read them and get a good laugh. We all know that we think we'll remember the funny things they say and we never do. I'm so glad I write them down, but I know I need to be better at doing it more. I might actually go back and make posts from all the past years just so they are documented on here. Here we go...

January 2015 - 

- I was helping Zeke get his pants back on after he went potty and my scarf that I was wearing fell into his face. He said matter of factly..."I can't see your house, you wear your carpet!" 

February 2015 - 

- On February 23rd Grandma Giest died. 

March 2015 - 

- Zeke fell down and I told him to shake it off to which he replied, "It's not coming off!" 

- For snack I gave the kids banana bread and veggie crisps. I didn't think Zeke would want the veggie crisps so I didn't give him any. Then in a whiney voice he said, "I want veggie tales!" 

- At Ella 5th Birthday party she was full of energy so Ga-Ga asked her, "Who put a quarter in you?" Ella looked at her all funny and said, "Give me my money back!" 

- While we were at Ga-Ga's house she was helping Ella count her money from her piggy bank. Ga-Ga mentioned, "It's always good to save money for a rainy day!" Ella looked outside and said, "It's not raining anymore!" 

- Zeke was trying to say, "I've got my eye on you!", but instead he said, "I've got your eye in me!" 

- I was talking to Jack about chewing his food so he doesn't choke. I said, "You need to be able to breath!" Then Zeke said, "I'm breathing...God told me to!" 

- Ella and Zeke were at my friend Laci's house so I could go to an appointment. On our way home they told me how her dog had surprised them. Zeke said, "That doggie don't want to eat me....I'd be all gone!" 

- Zeke called his belly button his bumblebee button! 

- Ella sang a song..."I love you mommy, I love you mommy, please don't die! 

April 2015 - 

- We were looking at the LEGO move characters on the computer and Owen recited Abe Lincoln's line, "You're a butt!" He kept saying it over and over calling Jack a butt. Then I had to pipe in and say, "Just because Abe Lincoln says it doesn't mean you can!" 
Side note: We just watched The LEGO movie again and it's not actually Abe Lincoln that says that's Gandolf.

- Zeke was looking in the game cabinet and he said he wanted to play the cereal game. I couldn't figure out which one that was until he pointed to Life!

October 2015 -

- Zeke was watching me do my morning routine and I was putting on lotion. He wanted to put on lotion too and I said that his skin was already baby soft. He thought about that and said that my skin was "mommy soft and his was big boy soft!" 

- I was getting ready to brush Zeke's teeth and he told me he hated "toothpasting!" 

November 2015 - 

- Instead of saying, "impossible" Zeke says, "impospital!" 

- One day I made Zeke a peanut butter and "ootella" sandwich for lunch. I called him into the kitchen and said, "here's a peanut butter and nutella's got your name on it!" He looked confused and looked at the sandwich and even turned it over. Then he said, "my name isn't on it!" So I used a knife and made a 'Z' on the bread! 

December 2015 - 

- On Christmas Eve morning Jack asked if it was time to go to Papa Martin's house. I told him that we had to make cookies and decorate them. Then I paused and he said...."and eat them!"