Sunday, December 13, 2015

LEGO Mini Build & LEGO Club!

Back on November 15th Kim texted me and let me know about signing up for the free LEGO mini build at the LEGO store in December. We've tried to sign up before, but the classes were all full. This time around we were able to get signed up at the same time as Andrew was signed up. We showed up at the mall a little early so first we stopped at Kay Jewelers to get my rings cleaned and then it was off to the LEGO store.  

I had never been to a mini build so I really didn't know what to expect. I thought that it might be where we had to wait for all the other kids that were signed up at that time to show up and then they would show everyone what to do as once, but nope! We walked in gave the lady our name and the boys went to a table and started building. It was super laid back! 

I only signed up Owen and Jack since you have to be 7 years old to participate. The guy that was at the table told me I could definitely sign up Ella next time even though she's not even 6 yet. He said that they have the age range just so parents don't drop their 2 year olds off and expect them to put it together on their own. Sheesh...who would do that! 

My boys love LEGO's and I will say since going to the mini build they have gotten even more interested in them. Now Andrew.....he's an absolute pro! This kid needs to work for LEGO as a Master Builder someday. He amazes me! He could probably put LEGO's together faster than I could! 

All the kids got one kit and built the same thing. It's hard to tell what Andrew built, but it was an underwater submersible....think the remote controlled camera ship they sent down to take pictures of the Titanic. It's super cute.  

During pretty much the whole time we were in the LEGO store Zeke was being a total pill. He was super tired since we had a busy day and he was just not having it. When we went to the LEGO store on opening day he cried as fact he was the first kid to cry in that store ever! Then of course Ella needed to go to the bathroom...thankfully Kim was there was she watched Owen and Jack while I took Ella and Zeke. Jack had "grown" so much money from his teeth that he decided to spend $10 on 3 mini figures. It so fun because you get to pick out everything for your custom mini figures...legs, body, head, hair or hat and then one accessory.

Here are the mini figures Jack built. The football player has a #12 it. Kai and Jai from Ninjago each had an had a fish and the other had a scorpion. Jack just didn't gather those up for the picture. 

The very next day at school was the boys first LEGO Club. Jack's teacher from last year Mr. Heintz is heading this up. It worked out perfectly since I volunteer all day at the school on Thursdays so I just stay after and volunteer for LEGO club as well. The K-2 graders are really supposed to have LEGO club on Tuesdays, but Jackson is involved in ELO...Extended Learning Opportunity on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays so he wasn't going to be able to go to LEGO Club. Thankfully Mr. Heintz is just awesome and he lets Jack and a few other 1st and 2nd graders that are also in ELO come to the 3rd - 5th grader LEGO club on Thursdays. 

The first day of LEGO club was a bit crazy....over 60 kids in the school library is a bit much. It got super hot in there as well. Mr Heintz laid out the favorite being for each LEGO he found on the floor after LEGO club was over would count for 1 minute that the kids would have to sit on the floor doing nothing at the next LEGO club! He didn't find one LEGO...genius! 

After laying out the rules the kids got to free build for about a half and hour. The next week they got to build marble mazes. It's so fun to see what the kids come up with and also to see them working together. Plus they aren't sitting in front of a TV or computer screen! I know for a fact that my boys are definitely more into LEGO's now than they were before!