Friday, December 25, 2015


For my MOPS Leadership Christmas party this year we decided that we should dress up and wear something sparkly! I own nothing that is sparkly or really fancy for that matter. I think the only thing I had that would fit that category would be my brides...well I guess grooms-maids dress....I stood up on my brother's side at his wedding. It felt like it might be a little too fancy. Two days before the party a few of us MOPS moms met for brunch and then Laci informed us that Value Village was having 50% off clothing, shoes and accessories if you had a Value Village card. So off to Value Villa we went! I have been wanting to go shopping with Alicia for a long time because I think her style is so cute. So got to be my Stacy London (She's from the show What Not To Wear) for the day. We picked out all sorts of dresses and then it was time for me to model them. 

I will not confirm nor deny that I tried on a dress that I honestly thought would not come off. I did not stand there in my underwear with a dress pulled up to my chest thinking great I'm going to have to have Alicia help me pull this thing off. I did not honestly contemplate nor try with all my might to actual tear said dress to no avail. I did not finally decide to pull the dress down rather than up and almost hyperventilate in the process. I have no considered bringing scissors with me on any of my future trips to Value Village. 

Before trying on dresses I had stopped at the shoe section and found some really cute wedges. I hate high heels with a passion so for me to even consider wearing them is a miracle. I did end up stopping at The Dollar Tree and got those cushion things for the bottom and I used my Mole Skin that I bought for our trip to Disneyland to pad the sides of my big toes.  

Here is the dress we chose! It's actually has spaghetti straps, but that is just too much skin for me to be showing. I was reaching outside of my comfort zone already and I did want to actually feel comfortable. The dress was a little big so I did end up using my sewing skills to take it in a bit. It's hard to tell, but the sweater had sequins on it making it sparkle. So for the dress, sweater and shoes I paid all of $11.50! 

Melinda (front left black dress)....was the one to open her home for the party. We started out there and had appetizers. Then we drove over to her parents house that's less than a mile from hers. Her parents go all out in regards to decorations. This huge tree has thousands of lights on it and they fit it through a normal sized front door. It is crazy huge! 

Also this is the outside of her parents house! Seriously Clark W. Griswold would totally approve! Her Dad has even been interviewed by KOMO 4 news. It was so fun to walk around and check out all his hard work. Best part is it wasn't raining. 

After that it was back to Melinda's for dinner, white elephant gifts and dessert. Laci ended up being the one to get the MOPS Owl. Just in case you forgot what that cute little guy looked like here ya go....

You're welcome!!

Thank you Laci for telling us about the sale. Thank you Alicia and Melinda for going shopping with me and being my little cheerleaders! You sure know how to make a girl blush! Also thank you Melinda for opening up your home and sharing your parents house with us as well. I seriously would not no what to do without my MOPS friends. Love you guys!