Monday, December 28, 2015

Random Christmas Stuff!

Owen drew a picture of our house. He is outside with Jack and Zeke building a snowman. Michael and Ella are at the window. He said I was in the kitchen and they were going to surprise me with the snowman. I LOVE LOVE how he even put a 'JOY' sign on our front door. We actually have exact sign on our door! 

I don't wrap presents until it's 10 days before Christmas so on the 15th I got out everything and got most of the kids wrapping done in one night. Of course I couldn't wrap Zeke's robe until I made it a few nights later! 

Michael was sure this was the year to buy the kids a BB Gun.

We watched the Christmas Story for the first time a few nights later. The hilarious thing was in the movie when Ralphie finds the gun all wrapped up. The kids gun was wrapped up just to the right of the TV and it was the same size box. Michael and I were sure they were going to figure it out, but they didn't say a thing! 

The kids teacher Mr. Heintz since he's the boys LEGO Club teacher. I got the cups for free from MOPS. They are filled with mini loaves of homemade banana nut bread, a $5 gift card and one of our family Christmas cards. 

Owen is so sweet when it comes to reading to the younger kids! 

One morning I came in to wake up the boys and found Jack sleeping with Buzz, Woody and Jessie! 

On Friday the 18th Zeke and I got to go to the kids school assembly. All the kindergarteners were going to sing. Ella said that Mr. Watter's the music teacher said to wear red. So she willingly decided to wear her Mrs. Claus dress! 

They lined all the kindergarteners up from one side of the gym to the other. That's a lot of 5 year olds! 

Of course Ella was the second from the last kid so she was all the way over on the left!

Mr Watter's led all of us in some fun Holiday songs. Of course there were no actual Christmas songs and in one song the word Christmas was changed to 'Holiday'....this seriously pisses me off. But I tried not to let it ruin my happy mood! 

After the sing along the kids who had sold over 15 items for the fundraiser got to come up and spray the principal down with silly string. It was so fun, but a bit crazy so I couldn't get a good picture of the after. The worst part was the smell! 

Time for Ella to go back to her class!