Wednesday, March 23, 2016

$1.50 Slurpee Day!

On Saturday March 19th we went out as a family for the first time in weeks. The neighbor kids had been telling Owen and Jack about this promotion going on at 7-11. The boys misunderstood and thought it was free slurpee day, but we let them know that wasn't the case. It was just bring your own cup day! They got together the $1.50 they needed and we went through the cupboards looking for any sort of container that would work for a slurpee. According to the website it had to be clean, leakproof and no more than 10 inches in diameter. At first Owen was wanting to bring one of Michael's travel coffee mugs, but I explained the whole point of the promotion is to get a lot more quantity than you would normally for a just a little bit of money. We ended up finding some pretty big glass vases that we thought would work. 

At first I felt like a weirdo walking into 7-11 carrying glass vases, but then I saw the people that had just finished filling their containers with slurpees and they used a cleaned out gallon jug! When we left there was a lady and her daughter walking in with one of those big Rubbermaid cereal containers! 

The boys were so happy to get to have all that slurpee all to themselves! 

The first 7-11 we stopped at didn't have any Coke slurpee was still freezing. So we drove up the road maybe a mile to the next 7-11 and they had some there. 

I used a glass pitcher that Michael and I got for our wedding. It held 44oz! Michael, Ella and I were sharing this one! 

At first I wasn't going to let the boys have theirs in the van, but then the slurpees started to melt pretty fast so I took a chance and lived on the wild side and thank goodness no one spilled their slurpee! 

Jackson was so sweet he was taking scoops of the slurpee with the straw and sharing with Zeke. 

Ella was the only one that had to wait to have any until we got home. She was very patient though! 

I was amazed that no one ended up getting a brain freeze. The only downside was that the cold really affected me and it made my cough worse. 

Owen drank almost all of his and then he started to experiment with adding other flavors. In the end I threw away about 2 inches of each of our slurpees. It was super fun though!