Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ella's "Smart" Phone!

The other day Ella found my old pink cell phone case and she asked if she could have it. I've been meaning to put it on the FB Buy Nothing site, but figured why not let her have it. It of course was just the shell so it was empty inside. I had remembered recycling a pretty sturdy piece of cardboard earlier in the day so I salvaged that and cut it into the perfect shape to fit into the phone case. 

She loved it even though it was blank, but then asked if she wanted any apps. Of course she said yes....she wanted it to look just like mine. She now has 10 of the same apps I have. Starting at the upper left and going to the right....Water Your Body, Email, Pinterest, Chrome, Out Of Milk, Camera, Phone, Holy Bible, Calculator and Netflix. She also wanted the clock and she was very specific about it saying 7:40am. I guess all those mornings of me saying, "7:40 out the door" really stuck! 

She was so thrilled she carried it around with her all night and even slept with it on her nightstand like I do. The funniest thing that happened with it was she was "taking" pictures and Owen got a hold of her phone and was clicking on the screen while saying, "Delete, delete, delete!" He is such an older brother!!! Of course she was not happy with him AT ALL. Totally reminded me of when my brother would take my Cabbage Patch Kid and punch her over and over again. It would infuriate me and he would laugh his head off! Life would be too boring if we didn't have pesky a older brother and an annoying little sister though!