Friday, March 18, 2016


The day before Ella started puking for the second time we sat down and got to use her new beads she got from her birthday. The day before we did a test run and just made her a necklace, but now she wanted to make necklaces for her friends. We also were planning on going to Anna & Addison's birthday party the upcoming Friday and I thought necklaces with their names on them would be great birthday presents. Also it would be fun since they were the ones that gave Ella the beads for her birthday. Of course we ended up being to sick to go to the party so we still haven't been able to give them to the girls, but we are supposed to see them on Easter. 

Cutie pie! 

Here are all the beads. This is a Melissa & Doug set and it's great. It comes with the little plastic clasps that snap together. They have instructions on how to tie them on so they don't fall off which is what I've always struggled with when it comes to making bead necklaces. The only thing that I think is lacking with the set is a cover of some sort. Once you open them the beads are all exposed and it could get really messy. Thankfully I opened the plastic on the side and slipped it off so now when we are finished we can just slip it back on. Would be nice if they just made it come with a clear plastic top that snaps into place so you can still see the beads. 

Working hard! 

What I did was picked out the beads that spelling one of the girls names and then Ella picked out the pretty beads that went on either side. They were all lined up just the way they needed to be threaded on. Once Ella put them all on I tied the other piece of the plastic clasp on and it was all finished! 

Here are Anna & Addison's necklaces. We made sure that they were different colors and I even looked on FB at a recent picture and saw that Anna was wearing pink and Addison was wearing purple so that's how we determined the color choices. Ella also made two necklaces for girls at school....Kendra and Farrah! I think they turned out beautiful and it was fun getting to make these with her!