Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beach Or Bungalow!

On February 25th Owen was in his first musical at school. When the paperwork came home saying that kids could elect to have a speaking part I figured Owen wouldn't want anything to do with it. I decided to ask him though and he was all for it. Totally shocked me! 

The name of the musical was Beach or Bungalow! The kids were encouraged to wear beach attire to go along with the theme. Owen wore his swim trunks, a bright blue shirt and his water shoes! 

I had to get Owen to school by 6pm so he could get all ready for showtime at 6:30. Since I was there early I was able to save front row spots for Michael, the kids and Ga-Ga & Pa. 

They had the kids separated into three groups...some were on the right of the stage on risers, some were in the middle on the stage and some were on the right on risers. Since I volunteer on Thursdays I got to see the kids rehearsing so I knew Owen was going to be on the right so that's the side I saved us seats on. 

Since parking is a bear at the kids school I had Michael drop Owen and I a little before 6pm and then he went home and waited to come closer to 6:30pm with everyone else. 

Ga-Ga, Pa, Michael and the other 3 kids all came in the van so we would only take up one parking spot. That meant on the way home I had to squeeze between Owen and Ella and Michael rode in the trunk of the van. He said it was pretty comfy though! 

The musical included all the 3rd graders and a few 2nd graders. They did great and the theme was fun. It was about whether or not you should go outside and enjoy the beach or if you should stay inside all day and play video games and eat pizza. The songs were fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. The only thing that would have been a little helpful is if the words to the songs could have been projected on either side of the stage. Those kids were singing their hearts out, but it can be hard to understand what they are singing all the time. 

I think Owen had 3 or 4 lines and he remembered them all. He did have to be prompted once maybe twice when it was his turn to speak. 

After the show we thought it would be fun to go out for ice cream. Pa was super awesome and paid for everyone! 


Sweet treats are so nice! 

By this time we got home everyone was super tired and ready for bed. It was a fun night and I'm so thankful for the new music teacher at school. He worked so hard with the kids to make this happen!