Saturday, March 19, 2016

Personal Size Pizzas!

While we were sick I had some pizza dough that needed to get used up. I knew that Michael probably wasn't going to eat much since he wasn't feeling good at all. So instead of making big pizzas I thought it would be fun for each of the kids to make their own. You would have thought that would have done this with my kids before, but honestly it never crossed my mind. 

I helped the boys roll out their dough and then they spread the sauce on. 

Usually when I make pizza I use tomato sauce on two pizzas and then ranch dressing on two pizzas. I never end up using a whole can of tomato sauce. So I put it in the frig thinking I'll use it and I never do and it goes bad. The time before this when I made pizza I put the leftover sauce in little containers and then froze it. I have no idea why this had never crossed my mind before either! 

Then Owen got to put his cheese on. Jackson is pointing and saying..."That's Grandma Giest's rolling pin!" That's right....I love using it and thinking of her! 

When I make pizza I put the toppings on the sauce and then the cheese on. Owen doesn't like it that way so he put the cheese on, then the pepperoni and then a little bit more cheese. He was so happy he got to do it his way! 

Jack's turn! I realized after making Owen's pizza that we really didn't need to use so much dough...a little went a long way. It also made for a crispier crust which I really liked. When making big pizzas it's hard to get the crust super thin. I think I might have us make individual pizzas from now on. 

Time for sauce! 

Lots of cheese! 

Owen checking on his pizza! 

I did most of the work for Zeke, but I saved putting the pepperoni on for him! 

Jack's turn to check on his pizza! 

It definitely takes longer making individual pizzas since I only have one baking stone. 

Enjoying the fruits of the their labor! Jackson being the healthy guy that he was ate the most pizza! 

Owen usually eats a ton of pizza, but he only ate 2 pieces. 

Zeke's pizza was the most perfect one in size. A cute little circle that made cute little wedges when cut. He loved it and he ate 3 pieces which for him is a lot! 

Ella was so sick I didn't even make her one in fact I think she was on the couch sleeping the whole we were making them.