Friday, July 29, 2016

Boat Rides, American Ninja Warrior & A Mermaid Necklace!

The kids have been thoroughly enjoying the pool this summer. They keep thinking of different games to play to keep it exciting. 

We have these two big buckets that we use to store the yard toys. The kids thought it would be fun to see if they could use them as boats. It worked best for Zeke since he's the lightest kid. Jack could actually pull him around and it wouldn't get swamped and it would tip over very easily either. 

Owen kept trying to get it to work, but it would always end up tipping and the flooding with water. overboard! 

Jackson didn't really like using the buckets as boats. He wanted to make his own American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. We had let the kids stay up until 9pm the night before watching it for the first time and they all LOVED it. It was so fun watching them get excited and cheer for people. They'd also get sad when someone fell in the water. When it was approaching 9pm we let them know that this guy was the last one they were going to get to see since it wasn't going to end until 10pm. By this time in the competition no one had finished the whole course. We luck would have it this guy made it all the way through and the kids were so thrilled. I mean Ella was laying on her back kicking her feet in the air she was so excited! Now Jack is sure he's going to be an American Ninja Warrior some day. 

Ella loves to pretend she's a mermaid when she's in the water. Jack found this cute shell that had a hole in it and he wanted to make a mermaid necklace for her. We got some pretty colored ribbon and threaded it through the hole and Jack presented her with the necklace. 

Sometimes Jack can be the instigator of issues in our house, but he also has such a great heart! 

So proud of her mermaid necklace! 

Boat rides, obstacle courses and a mermaid necklace.....just another day at the Martin household!