Saturday, July 30, 2016

School's Really Out For Summer!

July 21st was the boys official last day of school from the Summer Learning Program. 

The boys had such a great time working on different things throughout the program. 

They each built a solar powered cricket and a habitat for it. They came up with all kinds of ideas for epic parks. They had a chance to take apart small appliances that weren't working anymore. They made slime and battery powered cars. 

They did a lot of hands on work and use problem solving skills! 

I'm so happy they are finished though! I think it was harder for me to have them go...I really just wanted to have no unlike me! I think it's because we've been so swamped with this remodel that I just wanted more free time to go and do with the kids. By the time the boys got home though we didn't really have enough time to go and do anything before it was time to start getting ready for dinner. 

I'm really looking forward to letting the kids sleep in and just getting to do whatever we want...when we want! I want to take advantage of the short amount of summer vacation we have left.