Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Workcation - Day 2!

On the morning of the 4th of July I woke up at my parents and I had a vertigo attack. It was awful especially because what I normally do is open my eyes to orientate myself, but they have a ceiling fan in the room and it was spinning. Talk about not a good combination! I quickly closed my eyes and rolled over to my left side. For some reason I only have vertigo when I'm on my right side. Anyways later that morning my mom did the maneuver on me that's supposed to help with vertigo. I think I had a little bit on Tuesday, but by Wednesday I was doing good! Praise God because Wednesday was devoted to drywall so I spent a lot of the day looking up and down and it could have really been rough.


The very first thing I was planning on doing that day was taking a shower...I hadn't showered at all on Tuesday and by the end of the night I was just too tired to go take one. I came downstairs and got some cereal and then was going to go get cleaned up. One of things I had to do for Michael on Tuesday was run to Lowe's....for crying out loud I think my van could honestly drive there without me piloting it because I've driven back and forth so many times. In fact one of the employees said that she honestly thinks I live there. Thank goodness the store is only a few miles from our house. Anyways....I had to run to Lowe's to exchange the can lights we had originally purchased. In the beginning we got the remodel ones, but since Michael took the ceiling down he needed the new construction ones instead. That meant that he wasn't going to be able to put up the ceiling and cut the holes to install the lights he was going to have to install the lights....which he did on Tuesday with all the other electrical stuff...and then he was going to have to measure the drywall and cut the hole for the lights and then install it. The worst part is when you are drywalling the ceiling everything you are doing has to be turned around. You are cutting it on the ground, but it's going on the ceiling so it gets very, Very, VERY confusing. Your brain does not want to work that way. So needless to say we scraped a couple pieces. Of course we were able to salvage them and use them in different places, but it was frustrating to say the least. So as for that didn't happen! Once I started helping with the drywall and was basically covered in dust there was no point! 

The first piece of drywall wasn't really that bad at all. Michael cut out the hole for the first light and then he screwed a piece wood into one side of the wall so it would be a support for the drywall and then he held it up while I screwed it into place. We work well as team! 

The second piece of drywall was a pain in the tushie! There were cut out parts and like I said it was confusing. Finally we decided instead of using one piece we'd just have to have an extra seam so we could get on with it! That one piece took us well over an hour! 

After hours the ceiling was finished! 

After doing the ceiling the walls were a piece of cake!

The area for the cubbies is all drywalled!

I honestly was thinking I wouldn't be much help to Michael during this time, but I ended up being quite the helper. I'm pretty good with the drill so I was able to screw in the drywall while Michael was measuring and cutting the next piece. 

We used the green board around the base of the bathroom just in case we every have any water issues.....there is going to be a sink, toilet and washing machine in this one room so it's better to be on the cautious side! 

Have a ladder in this small space wasn't going to happen so I just used one of the dining room chairs. Let's just say at the end of this remodel I'm glad we have 4 more chairs in the basement! :) 

My hardworking man indulging me with a picture!

Instead of cutting a bunch of pieces we used a full sheet to cover the wall where the door to the bathroom would be. 

We have a Hobbit door! 

Since I'm always the one with the camera I wanted Michael to take a picture of me actually working. I saw the flash for the above picture and then I saw another flash, but it seemed like it was too low.....

he thought it would be funny to take a picture of my drywall dust bootie! Hahahaha....very funny! 

Of course later on Michael cut the whole for the door and then he drywalled the outside of the bathroom. 

There were a few more tricky pieces like the one for the sink....we had to get the hole for the outlet, the drain and the two water supply lines just right or it would mess up the whole piece. 

The area for the washer and dryer is all drywalled!

The pony wall got some special treatment....first off it was hammered into place, then there is a metal bar running through it bolting it to the floor and for the last little bit of strength Michael put pilewood instead of drywall on the left side. He really didn't want it moving at all! 

We had hoped to get the first layer of mud on the wall, but honestly that was a bit overzealous of us. We did all the drywall, made a trip to the dump and then Michael got all the seams taped. It was a LONG day....I don't think we finished until after 8pm!