Thursday, July 21, 2016

Workcation - Day 3!


Thursday was the day to mud the walls. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but a necessary part. This part I most definitely could not help with. So instead I got to do more drywall! It was fun watching Michael do all the cutting the day before and then getting to do it myself. Plus since this section was out in the garage I knew that it wouldn't matter if I messed up a little. 

I didn't need to use the green board out there...although that is the section where the washer is going to be on the other side....I was just using leftover pieces. 

This section was the most frustrating section of all. Michael actually forgot to put an extra 2x4 on the far left side to anchor the drywall to. He was busy and the last thing I wanted to do was interrupt him. We didn't actually have anymore full size 2x4's so I took a bunch of scrap 2x4's hammered them into place every so often and then put X's on the outside wall so I'd know where the 2x4's were place so I could anchor them in. It was a lot of work to just get drywall into place! Also one thing Michael and I have learned through this whole process is...WE HATE NAILS! Michael is so amazingly awesome at so many things, but nailing isn't one of them. When he was doing the framing work he bent so many nails...he actually told me to save them and take a picture of the pile, but I didn't. Using a nail gun is a breeze, but actually physically hammering in framing nails takes talent. I only had to hammer in a handful of nails for this section and I wanted to punch something! It was so frustrating! At one point I did throw the hammer down and walked away for a bit. I might have said some choice words and I'm sure our neighbors were laughing! 

Of course Michael got the first layer of mud in the actually bathroom first. Then we set up fans everywhere to speed up the drying process. 

While that was drying he moved onto the areas outside the bathroom. Later on he was able to do a light sanding and then mud a few places that needed it. 

That night we were able to go out to a late dinner. We had planned to go on a nice date since we were sans kids....we wanted to take advantage of the Sunset Dinner at Anthony's, but it was too late when we finished. So instead we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time. There special on Thursday's are .70 boneless wings. Michael got 10 with this Jamaican Jerk sauce and I got 5 with the normal medium buffalo sauce. We also share a Caesar Salad and some Street Tacos. Michael's were really hot and I think he only ate 9 of them. I finished all 5 of mine, but the best thing were those Street Tacos. They were an appetizer and they were only $5, but they could have been a complete meal for me. They were amazing!! I think if we were to ever go again we'd just get the food to go though. That place is LOUD. There were 21 TV's in the area we were, the music was loud and I think the average aged person in the restaurant was under 25. I definitely felt a little out of place!