Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Workcation - Day 1

The 4th of July was our last day of rest before the big push to get the bathroom/laundry room finished. The kids were staying the week with Ga-Ga & Pa so we really needed to use that time wisely. In fact every night during that whole week we would sit down and strategize how best to use our time the following day. The last thing we wanted was down time because we didn't plan well. On Monday night we stayed at my parents house until around 8:30....we figured it would be better to leave before all the fireworks got in full swing. I did not want to be driving down the road interrupting a bunch of peoples firework shows...especially people that had probably been drinking for most of the day! 


Everyday we planned to get up at 7:30....just a little sleeping in, but not a ton. I think on that first day we did end up falling back asleep until 8am, but that wasn't a big deal. This first day there wasn't much I could help with. Michael needed to wrap up the electrical work and finish out the framing. 

Here he is finishing the framing for where the cubbies will go. 

Framing and electrical is all finished for where the washer and dryer will go. 

We removed the door from Ella's room to ours and he framed in the side with 2x4's so he'd have something to anchor the drywall to. 

Then it was time to say bye-bye to the silly laundry shoot hatch that was in our bedroom. 

For a small moment I considered keeping the laundry shoot just because it actually made sense now that the clothes would actually go into the laundry room. Actually we could have probably opened the washer and they would have fallen right in. But then I got to thinking that I really didn't want a hole in my laundry room ceiling. Also when Michael ran the venting he went right through the area so it was definitely a no go! 

When I first started planning for the laundry room I knew I wanted to have cabinets over the washer and dryer. I wanted them to be simple and white. I checked at Lowe's to see if they had any upper white cabinets in stock, but couldn't find anything. I ended up finding these online from Wal-Mart. They were on other sites, but Wal-Mart had them the cheapest. The sellers were actually a 3rd party selling through Wal-Mart so I was a little freaked out. This ended up being the first purchase for the remodel months in advance. I figured if they were junk we'd have time to figure something else out. I ordered two cabinets...they were on sale for $97 a piece so with shipping and tax I think it came to $265. I was actually out in the garage working on something when the UPS guy delivered them. All he dropped off was one box though. I was so mad! I knew I ordered two and I knew the hassle I was going to have to deal with trying to contact the company and get what I ordered. I decided to open the box to see if anything was damaged. Well to my surprise there were two boxes inside the cardboard box. Really nice sturdy boxes with pictures of my cabinets on them. I was seriously impressed! I wanted to put them together right then and there, but with the remodel being months away I knew they would some how get damaged so I restrained myself and waited! 

While Michael was busy with framing and electrical I was busy cleaning. I went from room to room picking up everything! I love the feeling when everything is in it's place. So the kids rooms got picked up and so did the playrooms....everything got put away. It was heaven! I cleaned the bathrooms and then I got to work putting my cabinets together. 

Of course just like a lot of things you have to put together they are a little rickety until they are completely together, but once it was together it was really solid! I was able to build both of these myself except for the screws that held the hinges on....they were super tough even Michael had to push with all his might! 

Monday was most definitely our easiest day of the whole week. I think we finished work around 5:30. We even were able to watch a movie from The Redbox....we watched The Intern and it was super cute! The rest of the week wasn't nearly as easy going!