Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 7 - Work Party & Wrapping!

Day 7 of our 12 Days Of Christmas adventure was filled with attending Michael's work Christmas party. Of course I completely forgot to take any pictures. This was the first time all the kids had been able to attend in quite a few years. Normally the party is on a day where the kids are still in school. This year it just worked out! Of course everyone was so shocked at how big all the kids had gotten. 

After we got home and the kids all changed out of their nice clothes I decided it would be fun for them to wrap the present that they bought for their sibling. I had all the kids go upstairs and then I got out all the presents in the garage and pulled the kids down one at a time. 

The kids are getting so big and are capable of doing so much more. In past this would have been more me just wrapping the presents and them watching, but they were so helpful and it was a lot of fun giving them lessons on how to wrap gifts. 

I thought about using different paper, but in the end I just had them use the same paper I used for each of their presents. Jackson drew Ella's name so we wrapped hers in her Santa & Penguin paper. 

Owen drew Zeke's name.

He was very insistent on having more than one sticker on Zeke's package. The one he's pointing at says...Do not open until Dec 25th! 

Ella looking for the perfect sticker for Owen's present! 

Using her amazing writing skills! 

Zeke got Jack Frosted Flakes! No....he didn't, but this box was perfect for wrapping his present in and I think Jack will get a hoot out of it! 

Zeke even wrote Jack and his name on the tag....this boy is ready for school! 

One step closer to Christmas!!!