Friday, February 17, 2017

Ella's 7 Year Old Pictures!

Normally I am the one that takes the kids to their annual birthday pictures at JCPenny's. Unfortunately I came down with a stomach bug early in the morning on the day of Ella's pictures so Michael had to take Ella. It's not that that's a bad thing...he's totally capable it's just something I really look forward to doing with the kids. I love that special one on one time! 

For Ella's clothes this year I didn't have anything specific picked out like last year. In order to avoid a major meltdown I picked out 4 outfit options for Ella. Two dress options and two legging options. When Ella came home she choose one of the legging options and that's when I realized that all of her shoes were two small. So we had to shift gears and go with a dress options so she could wear her fancy shoes that actually fit her. 

She precious Ella Grace! 

Ella just recently lost two upper teeth so she's kind of in that awkward my teeth haven't grown in yet phase. I love it though! I also love that if you look closely you can see blue marker on her right hand. My girl loves to color with markers! 

I'm so grateful that Michael was able to take her and we didn't have to reschedule her pictures. How can my girl be 7 years old!!!