Saturday, February 11, 2017

In-Between Phase!

It's official...I'm growing my hair out! 

I've had short hair for years now. I normally get my hair cut short and then let it grow for 3 months and then get it's a cycle.

For our family pictures this last year I had literally just had my hair cut the day before. I love getting it cut short! 

My hairstylist usually has to shave the back because it's so short! It's actually been almost 5 months since I had my hair cut....that's the longest I've gone without getting a hair cut in a long time!

I've been wanting to change things up so I decided why not.  I have really really fine hair and it has absolutely no volume so I knew that whatever I was going to do I'd need to figure out a way to make my hair have more ooommmff! Yes that's a word! 

The thing that I hate about growing out your hair is that in-between phase. The my hairs not short, but it's not long either phase. Ugh!!! When my hair gets to a certain length I have this funny wavy that happens on the right side of my head...I hate it. So I thought if you can't beat it join it.  

I just tried curling it a bit with my curling iron. Not too gave me a bit of body and it actually did stay like this all day. 

Another picture of me the same day, but without that awful yellow bathroom light. I'm horrible at selfies though so disregard my freaky giant eyes. 

I liked it, but now that my hair has grown out even a bit more it doesn't so much as curl it more flips out and I feel like it looks like I'm wearing the hat from the flying nun or something. Once my hair grows even more I know that it won't do that, but again I'm in the funny in-between stage. 

Next up I asked my neighbor Rachael if I could borrow her 3 barrel curling iron. She had mentioned it one day when she was over at my house and I thought it might be fun to give it a try. I had my hair done using that type of curling iron for a wedding once and I liked it. 

Again horrible bathroom lighting, but I really like it. It gives me just a bit of waves, without it being too much. When I see it I think beachy waves! It's really easy to do since I don't have a lot of would be a pain if I had thick hair. 

Here's another shot later that day. I will say that the next day I got the curls to be a bit more pronounced and I liked it. I think this first day I was just being impatient and I didn't let the curling iron heat up all the way so they didn't get set as well as they could have. Also the nice thing is Rachael told me I can keep her curling iron!!! So nice of her! 

So thankfully I feel like at least right now that in-between phase won't be SO bad. If any of you ladies have tips for when you grew out your hair please let me know. I've never been a person that really spends a lot of time on my hair and make-up it's just not my thing, but I really want to try out new styles and see what I like.


Furry Bottoms said...

Patience my dear. Thats the biggest thing.

Momof2 said...

I have really short hair now. Shorter then yours! I usually twist the front to the side or wear a bandana! I love my bandanas!!! I also wear soft hairbands or I guess they are headbands.