Friday, February 10, 2017

Impromptu Visit To NW Trek!

Earlier in the month of January I was adding as many things to the calendar as I could...just planning things out. I noticed that the kids had the last Friday of the month off for Semester Break. I texted Ga-Ga and asked if she would keep the kids that night for us so Michael and I could go on a date. She was of course willing to watch the kids for us. I figured it might be fun to head down south earlier in the day so we could have a chance to hang out with the Kuch's for a bit. I contacted Christina and she was all for it. 

On the actual day of us hanging out I took advantage of us going south for another reason....getting my oil changed. The Honda dealership we bought the van from is down in Sumner and I still like to take it there. I made an appointment to drop it off and Pa came to pick the kids and I up so we could hang out at there house before it was time to go hang out with Christina and the kids. While I was waiting for it to be the time for us to go to their house...she needed to finish up a bit of homeschool stuff...I got a text from Christina asking if I thought it would be fun to drive out to NW Trek and let the kids play at the Kids Trek play area. This particular day it was gorgeous! The kids had actually wanted to go outside and play at Ga-Ga & Pa's, but for about half of the year their backyard is a swamp so it was a no go. This was a perfect solution! I was so happy she mentioned it. We've used out Point Defiance Zoo pass many many times, but the NW Trek one doesn't get used as often mainly because it's really far south for us to travel there on a whim, but since Christina's house is only 15 minutes away it was perfect!!! 

We first met up at their house and the kids got to play a little and then we were off. The girls decided that all the girls should ride in one car and all the boys in another. Christina got the girls and I got the boys. 

Jack and Zeke had to have a picture right away when we got to the Kids Trek! 

The weather was so was actually over 50 degrees out. The way the sun is right now though it doesn't rise over the big tall trees completely. Everything was wet so Christina and I had to stand and chat the whole time. I wasn't obviously thinking of coming to NW Trek when the kids and I left the house that morning. Christina was so nice to let the kids borrow vests or even lighter coats since they were running around getting all hot! 

Jump Spiderman! 


Addison you adventurous girl! 

Jack and Caleb are buddies! It's so fun to hear them talk together and have common interests. When we were driving in to park Caleb was trying to plan out how they were going to play. He said, "should we play army soldiers?" Jack thought about that and said, "I can be Captain America...he was an army soldier!" Then Caleb said...."do you want to play Super Heros!" Not sure exactly what they ended up playing, but they had fun nevertheless! 

Zeke the bear! 

For the most part I didn't even see Owen. He was off on adventures. The nice thing was there were probably only 2 maybe 3 more families there. 

 These girls just played and played. When Christina asked if we wanted to go to NW Trek I did consult with the kids about it. The boys were SO for it and Ella was bummed. She loves going to peoples houses and playing with them and their toys. I asked if Ella could come back to their house when we were done so she could play a bit more with the girls. Then Pa would come pick her up later....since I needed to drive home to go on a date with my man. Christina was all for that. Jack ended up wanting to go back so she had a full vehicle on her way home. 

Run Jack...

Owen's gonna get you! 

Zeke the beaver! 

Zeke with his otter friend! 


This boy is still in the mommy watch me phase! 

Mommy take a picture! 

Mommy watch this...


Taking time to hug his beaver friend! 

Look at Zeke....he still doesn't even have to bend over in the tunnel! Cute little shrimp! 

It was such a great time and I'm so happy Christina recommended it. We are actually trying to figure out a date in February to the same thing again.