Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snow Day!

On Superbowl Sunday we went to church and watched the game on the big projection screen. It was loads of fun. While we were watching the game a few of us kept getting either texts messages or we would check FB and see that it was snowing. We went and check outside, but there was nothing in Kent. We cleaned up and left once the game was over and headed home. By the time we made it home the grass was lightly covered in our neighborhood. The last time it snowed it was raining by morning so we let the kids go out and play in it for a minute. After we put them to bed I opened up the front door to look outside and the area where they had walked you couldn't even see it was like they had never played out there and it was still snowing really well. 

Side note....we've been letting Charlie go outside. He's still a bit of a chicken, but he does love to go out and explore. Since he had never seen snow I thought it would be fun to let him out with the kids. Michael said, "You better watch him like a hawk!" It was of course dark out and it was night time and trying to find him would be ridiculously hard. Anyways he was just checking things out and he started heading towards the side of the yard. I was following him, but there were things in my way....a slide, the sandbox, the sandbox lid. He can climb under or over things and it happened in a moment and he was in the bushes. I started yelling at Michael....I lost the cat! He came outside and was like...I told you watch him! He wasn't mad it was more of a funny tone. He told me to go get the treats and I started shaking them and calling Charlie's name and thank goodness he came right out. I think Charlie was actually a bit freaked out and happy to be back in the house after all that drama. 

Later on that night we got the call from school saying it would be 2 hours late. We've had school be 2 hours late when they were worried there would be ice and then we woke up and it was raining out so I knew that from past experience school was not going to be 2 hours late it was going to be closed! At 5:30 in the morning I got the confirmation call that yes in fact school was out for the day. 

I took the ruler out to measure how much we got....5 inches exactly! We probably got the least of course since we are closer to the water, but it's just exciting to get any! Last time everyone else got snow and we got nothing! 

Winter wonderland!!! 

Well the slides all clear now! 

What a difference with this guy! He used to cry and cry about going in the he's all for it! 

The kids wanted to sled down the easement, but the snow kept getting all built up on the front side of the sled. That's when I had Zeke get in the sled and I pulled him down the hill a few times compacting the snow and then it's was ready to go for the bigger kids! 

Ready to go! 

Here he comes! 

10 year old approved! 


Even Zeke went down by himself! 

While the kids were sledding, Charlie was up on the deck checking them out! 

After sledding I thought it would be fun to go for a walk. Zeke Daddy's car is that big!

I took the kids up the private road by our the houses that have views of the sound! 

I remember it snowed a lot right before I had Owen and Michael and I walked over there and it just looked so pretty seeing all the houses and the water. 

After that we decided to walk to Ms. Rachael's house, but they didn't answer the door. Turns out she was in the shower. I was really impressed that the girls didn't come to the door....good job girls! 

For some reason Ella had to have her picture taken next to this snowed on car. 

After we got home I started to make a snowman for the kids. It really wasn't the best snow to make a snowman. I couldn't roll the snow into a big just kept breaking apart. So I had to form the snowman a handful of snow at a time. 

Hi. I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs! 

So happy with their snowman! 

Later Jack came out and put gloves, a hat and a scarf on him. He just had to take a picture of Zeke and I with the snowman! 

Proud boy! 

The next day we didn't have school either. We went sledding again although it was much more treacherous...the snow had turned into ice. Zeke went down with Jack and the sled kind of scraped by the concrete wall on the way down and then they stopped in the bushes at the bottom of the hill....needless to say Zeke was crying and was not happy about it. 

We decided to walk to Ms. Rachael's again and this time they answered the door, but poor Kendra was puking so we decided it was probably best to not go in and play. It was definitely harder to take a walk because it was almost all solid ice. After getting home from our walk we just came right in. Later in the day Jack did go out and went sledding for quite some time. The rest of us just vegged around the house watching movies, playing on the computer or in my case....caught up on the blog! :)