Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Day At The Lake!

On Saturday June 10th we headed up to Duck Lake to spend the day with Papa Martin celebrating his birthday. We had no idea what the property was like so we brought a bunch of stuff....camp chairs, swimsuits and games. 

Right away Owen latched onto a fishing pole and pretty much didn't move for most of the day. 

I had never heard of Duke Lake before. It's small, peaceful and a great place to get away. 

I don't remember how long we'd been there, but it really wasn't that long and Owen caught a fish! 

He was reeling that thing in so fast! 

Michael's Uncle Ken said they had just restocked the lake so most of the fish were super little and weren't worth keeping. 

We were pretty sure that was going to be the case with Owen's fish. 

Michael came over to help Owen get it out of the water and we realized that it was actually a decent size. 

This cute guy caught about a 12 inch trout! 

I told Owen since he caught it he needed to kill it! 

It took a couple hits, but he did kill the fish! 

Nice catch buddy! 

Owen wanted nothing to do with gutting and cleaning it though so Michael had to take that on. 

Jackson had fun fishing as well...I think he caught one of the teeny tiny guys. 

One of Michael's Aunts cooked the trout on the BBQ for us. 

We told Owen that he HAD to try it. 

Of course he was not thrilled with the idea. 

But he did taste it. I can't remember if I actually told him he wouldn't get to fish anymore if he didn't try it, but that sounds about right. 

He of course did not like it, but at least he tried it! 

After being there awhile the boys wanted to go out on the lake. They had two paddle boats that we could use. 

I love paddle boats and if we lived on a lake that was this small we would absolutely have one.

Getting my exercise! 

The wind was blowing a bit so we only went across to the other size of the lake and then came back. 

It wasn't a super nice day, but it also wasn't too yucky. We did feel a couple raindrops, but nothing horrible. 

Such a fun experience with these cuties! 

Michael is a bit too tall for a paddle boat...his legs could never fully extend...so he was a bit more uncomfortable than I was. 

For the most part this was my view. I was just sitting around the fire pit eating and talking with Michael's cousins. 

Don't you love how Owen is sitting in the camp chair with his legs crossed!!! That kid kills me!!! As for Ella....she didn't fish...she didn't go out on the paddle boat...she didn't sit around the fire...she mainly was just off playing with the other girls. She was in heaven! 

The whole reason we were there...to celebrate Papa Martin's 67th Birthday!!! 

Later on the boys talked Papa into taking them out on the paddle boat! 

I think during this picture Papa is getting on and Zeke is right behind him getting off. He changed his mind about another boat trip! 

And they're off! 

Once they were back on land Papa and Owen just looked like old fishing buddies! Seriously Owen sat there ALL DAY LONG!!!!

I took the Jack and Zeke out on the paddle boat one more time. There was this little island across the lake and Jack really wanted to conquer the island. 

Ahha!!! I have founded a new land. I shall call it...Jamerica! 

We ended up leaving around 6pm. It was a fantastic day and I can't wait to go hang out with everyone another time! 

And what's a road trip without peeing on the side of the road! Note to self....when the boys say they have to pee...THEY HAVE TO PEE!!! Good gracious I swear they must have each lost 2 lbs after they finished peeing!