Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blue Apron Meal!

I signed up for yet another meal service. This one was the same thing...I got 50% off my first order...instead of $60 for 3 meals it was only $30. 

Blue Apron was the only one I'd actually seen commercials for on TV and online. I was a little concerned since the recipes tend to be a bit more outside my comfort zone, but we've been surprised before so why not! 

I will say I didn't like the lack of organization in regards to the ingredients. With Hello Fresh everything for one meal minus the meat was contained in a nice box and with Home Chef it was all put in a bag. The box was my favorite just for stacking purposes. The Blue Apron ingredients was just all over the wasn't damaged just unorganized.  

Again the recipe cards like the other meal services were giant. I haven't punched holes in them yet, but I will add them to the binder that I got from Home Chef. 

The first meal we had were these Thai Steak Lettuce Cups. 

I figured this should be the first one we ate since the lettuce was so delicate. 

This recipe came with this teeny tiny pepper...the sliced up on in the glass bowl. I was SOOOO spicy! I only used half and when it was cooking it was choking me! It did add great flavor though! 

The meat was really good! 

The lettuce all washed and ready to be used. 

This meal had the lettuce, steak, sushi rice, green beans, cilantro & mint, lime and this sauce. The sauce was like glue. I think I should have thinned it out more, but live and learn. It was very tasty though! 

 They really did taste yummy, but I highly doubt I'll make this meal again at least not exactly the way the recipe calls for you to make it. I liked the steak, the sushi rice, the cilantro & mint and lime, but I probably wouldn't use the super hot pepper, the green beans or the sauce. I would just use teriyaki sauce or something similar. 

I didn't take any pictures of the next two meals while I was making them. These Salmon Dill Burgers were great though. My favorite part was the cucumber chips on top. I had to marinate them in vinegar so they were like super fresh pickles. Also the potato wedge fries were just super easy and super yummy! 

The last meal was Honey-Rhubarb Chicken. This was amazing! I have only had rhubarb in dessert before not in a meal and it was so yummy and sweet. I will for sure make this recipe again! 

I haven't signed up for another meal service yet, but my mom did mention Plated so I might have to give them a try. It's been so fun getting three really nice meals for $10 each and then having the recipe cards so I can make them again later. Love it!