Thursday, June 8, 2017

Zeke's Elephant Nose!

On Tuesday May 30th Zeke had an appointment at the dentist to get his cavities filled and have sealants put on. All the older kids have had procedures at the dentist before so they were telling him all about it. If you've been reading my blog for a while now you know how hard core I am about not lying to my kids. I tell them about everything that's going to happen and I don't sugar coat it. Zeke knew that he was going to have gel rubbed on his gums and then he was going to get a shot that was going to numb his mouth. 

He was not scared one bit!!! 

I had told Zeke all about the elephant nose that he was going to wear and how silly he was going to look. I had to show him the picture and he was just giggling! Jackson was very excited to tell him that he would get to watch a movie while they were working on him. I had explained that the laughing gas was going to make him feel super relaxed so they could work on his teeth. He did get super giggly....I mean normally he's giggly, but he was even more giggly. The dentist loved his sweet giggle and I did say it was better than the alternative and she agreed. He did great! His sweet mouth is so small so it was hard for them to get the block thing that helps hold his mouth open. The dentist ended up only filling one of his cavities and then doing the sealants. The other cavity was on the other side of his mouth and she really didn't want both sides to be numb. In July we will head back so they can take care of the other one. Zeke will be fine though....he literally only said "Ow" twice when they were giving him the shot. He was a total rock star!!!