Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jack's Birth-Day!

Jack's actual birthday fell on a Monday. I woke up that morning and it hit me that I had completely forgotten to get cupcakes or something like that to bring to his class to celebrate. Jack ended up choosing mini donuts as his treat and I was so thankful because they are super cheap at the bakery outlet that's not far from our house. 

Birthday boy!!! 

The kids sang Happy Birthday to him and they did all these silly motions at the end. I have no clue what it was all about. 

It was so nice after school that I asked Jack if he'd like to ride around on his bike for a little while. He did for about 10 minutes....he's still a bit leery! 

Later that night someone came to the door and it was a delivery lady and she had these amazing flowers. Michael's work had sent them to us showing that we were in their thoughts and prayers. They were SO beautiful and SO thoughtful! 

As well as flowers we had some amazing people at our church sign up to bring us meals. At first I was thinking you know I'm doing okay and I'm capable of making us dinner...I had just went shopping at Costco so we had plenty of food. But then I remembered that if someone wants to bless you, you really should let them because if you don't you might be robbing them of a blessing. In all we were provided with dinner 4 times and it was SO wonderful! It amazed me at how drained I felt from all the emotions. I was so exhausted and making food just felt like so much work. It really truly was a blessing to us and we were so grateful! 

After dinner Jackson got to open his presents from us. 

Right after Christmas Jackson asked for a red boomerang for his birthday. I made a mental note and the next time I went to Wal-Mart there just happened to be a red boomerang and it was only $4.99! 

On one of my shopping trips I stopped by Discount Direct and found this fun Catch Phrase game in the shape of the Millennium Falcon for $4.00!!! I found this exact game at the mall a couple months later and it cost $39.99!!! All the words are of course based off Star Wars. It's a little difficult for the kids right now, but I bet they'll be able to pick it up soon enough. 

This is one of those Usborne Shine A Light books. I had placed an order earlier in the year and accidentally this got this animal book by mistake. I got to keep it and figured I would put that in with Jack's gifts because he loves animals. 

When I ordered the Usborne books I also bought Jackson this new series called Fizz...the books that are on the floor in this picture. There are 4 books in the series and they are all about a dog named Fizz. He has been reading those books like crazy! I love Usborne books and I really hope they come out with more books to this series!!! The last present was something I got on the Des Moines Buy Nothing FB page. They were playing cards that were Disney characters dressed up as Star Wars characters. It is so cute seeing Mickey dressed up like Yoda! They are two decks of cards one Jedi and the other Sith. Jackson has been really enjoying playing War with his new cards. 

Jackson definitely had a wonderful birthday this year. Next year will be his big going out birthday since he'll be turning 10. For right now he still wants to go to The Tag Zone so we are planning on that.