Friday, June 9, 2017

Tree Climber!

Last week Zeke and I were outside when Charlie was outside and we got to see him in action. Normally he's inside during the day and wants to go outside all night long. 

I had never seen him be interested in the tree before, but then again I'm never outside when he is. 

He was such a cutie climbing up into what Owen calls The Quiet Tree. 

He only stayed up there for a second and then it was time to turn around and come down. 

He almost fell off the tree at this point, but he ended up catching himself. 

I love his beautiful black and white fur up against the green plants. 

He was on a mission! 

I thought he was going to go up the stairs to our deck, but then he just ducked under the stairs and went behind all the plants. I would love to put a Go Pro camera on him to see things from his perspective

And not to be outdone by the cat Zeke needed to show me that he too could in fact climb The Quiet Tree!