Monday, February 4, 2019

Curling My Hair!

Yesterday I posted about my goals and one of them is to curl my hair more. 2 years ago when I decided to start growing my hair out. I knew that I did not want to wear my hair up in a ponytail every day. I wanted to actually do something with my hair! Last year I was working really hard to get my hair healthy and I feel like it really is healthy now. 

Side is what my hair looked like 2 years ago. The back was so short it was actually shaved a bit. 

After Christmas I saw a friends post on FB about a curling iron she got her daughter. It's called the Chi Air Spin &'s the link. is $100, but I had been researching curling irons for awhile and I really loved this design. First off I don't have to wrap my hair around and there is no chance of getting burned!!! I was sold! I went ahead and bought it and said, "Merry Christmas to me"! 

The first thing you have to do is section your hair. The first section is right at the top of my ears. 

Then you take about a 1 inch section of hair and put it through the curling iron as instructed and hit the button. The curling iron spins around curling your hair. Don't worry it can not get stuck and you can take your hair out at anytime. Plus if you try to put in too much hair it will beep at you. 

The curling iron has different settings for temperature and timer. I set the temperature at 370 degrees and had the timer at 15 seconds. Once the 15 seconds are up it beeps and you just pull the iron straight down and there's your curl. 

Here's after doing both sides of the first section. 

Down comes the next section....I section this right at the middle of my forehead. 

Second section done! 

Then lastly I do the top of my head. 

Here it is all curled. The first time I curled my hair Owen was so amazed! He kept going on and on how pretty my hair was. His future wife is going to be one lucky lady!!! :)

Here's after I ran my fingers through the curls to break them up a bit. 

Checking out the back! 

Around noon I was at Kim's house and I took this picture so you can see how much the curls fell out. 

And this was at the end of the's funny because I feel like it's almost curlier at the end of the day that it was at noon. When was done curling my hair I used a little bit of hairspray so I was hoping it would have held better than it did. 

A few days after that I tried something different. I held each curl up to let it cool down instead of just letting it drop. 

This is after combing my fingers through it. I LOVE it! 

I also really like the outfit that I wore that day. It's this super soft fuzzy dress that I got on clearance at Fred Meyer's about a year ago. Super flattering!

Here's my hair around noon after getting home from church. I was seriously disappointed! All that extra time of holding the curls up didn't do anything different at all. I did use hairspray this time as well. 

I was trying to find out if there is a product I can use that will help my curls hold, but won't weight them down like I think hairspray is doing, but I haven't figured anything out yet. I asked one of my IG friends and she said she doesn't put any products in and it holds just fine. She also suggested turning the temperature up a bit and having it hold for longer. The timer on the curling iron does have 3 settings 15 - 17 -19 seconds. 

A few days after this I had surgery so I've been recovering and haven't taken the time to curl my hair since. I plan to experiment with it more though since I do love how easy the curling iron is to use. I'm also going in to have my hair trimmed in a couple days so I'm going to ask my hair stylist for any tips she can give me as well.