Sunday, February 10, 2019

Owen's 12th Birthday Party!

Owen's Birthday party was on Friday, January 18th. 

In December we had gone to a friends birthday party at Laser Quest. During the month of December they hand out free game coupons to the kids. Our friends were moving to Kansas so they gave us 11 free game coupons and then 9 buy one game get one game free coupons as well. The free game coupons had to be used during a certain timeframe and it just so happened to fall during the week of Owen's birthday. I think in the end Michael paid $18 for everyone to play! 

I was still recovering from my surgery that was on January 10th so Michael dealt with everything in regards to the party. He met everyone at Laser Quest, the kids got to enjoy one game and they also got to play the arcade games. After that they all came back to our house where they ate Costco pizza...that was picked up by Ga-Ga & Pa & cupcakes...that were made by my amazing friend Rachael. Owen also got to open his presents and the kids got to watch a movie. 

Present time! 

This was from Jordan...

Ultra Dash! 

Star Wars Legos

The Storer's got Owen $20!!! 

Hansi got Owen darts for his Nerf Gun. 

And he also gave him some Beyblades and this fun remote control helicopter which has a protective cage around it. Super cool! 

Owen also got a remote control Drone from Ga-Ga & Pa. He opened that on his actual birthday. He got a couple more smaller Lego sets, a Marvel puzzle and fun book called What If? 

Here are two of Owen's school friends...Nate & Gradin...Mikah had to leave early and I didn't get a picture of him. 

Pa, Robin & Hans

Micah's Dad Robin was in town and he got to come along and play laser tag for the first time. He also had a great time chatting with Pa. Hans had a great time too! 

It's always a great party when the kids and the adults have fun! 

Ella and Caitlynn! 

Andrew & Zeke! 

Not sure what I'm laughing about, but it was nice to actually get dressed and have visitors since I'd just been sitting on the couch all week recovering! 

Ga-Ga, Micah and Kim!

Singing to the birthday boy! 

Those cupcakes were the best I've ever eaten! 

It was a great party and it was nice that I really didn't have to do much at all! :)