Saturday, February 2, 2019

New Years Eve 2018!

This was our 2nd year of being at Ga-Ga & Pa's for NYE. This year I wasn't recovering from Lasik so that was nice! 

We decided to go super easy in regards to dinner...we had a taco bar and it was so good!!! We chatted, we ate yummy food, we played games and just overall enjoyed being together. 

We also did a fun game with the kids. Last year we all were a part of the game and we had to make our best sour face. This year it was just the kids and they had to do their best impersonation of a dog's bark. Oh my it was so hilarious and some of those kids got really into it!!! 

The winners were...Anna 3rd, Caleb 2nd and Jackson 1st. But of course Pa had prizes and goodies for each of the kids. 

Once the game was finished and prizes were handed out it was a mad rush to get the sparkling cider ready for the clock to strike 9pm. 

It was a minute or so after 9pm, but we still counted down! 

The kids love getting to toast with the fizzy drink! 

It was fun ringing in the new year with the people we love!

Come on 2019...Bring It!!!