Tuesday, February 19, 2019

First Snow Of 2019

When the news first started saying we were going to get snow on Sunday, February 3rd I did not believe them at all. Plus I didn't want to get my hopes up and get them crushed with disappointment! 

Lo and behold when it started snowing a little during the Super Bowl I was shocked! It only snowed a trace and then stopped so I wasn't too hopeful! Then right before Michael and I went to bed I looked outside and noticed that snow was sticking to the front bushes. 

The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland and I got the call saying school was canceled. Michael also made the decision to close the shop so he didn't go in. 

I brought in all the snow clothes for the kids and if you can imagine it...I didn't have to help anyone get dressed!!!! It's the little things people...like kids finally learning to bathe on their own or brush there teeth without you having to do it all over for them. The kids getting dressed in their snow clothes by themselves was like a Hallelujah moment! 

Oh and it was fun getting pelted with a snowball too! :D

Whenever it snows the kids always get the sled out and start going down the easement. It's loads of fun! 

Handsome Jack! 

The easement is the driveway that runs right between our house the neighbors and it makes for a great sledding hill. 

I was a little nervous about them going down it because we have this pile of stuff that needs to go to the dump....bricks from the front of the house and also the old metal antenna that was on top of the roof. All things that are sharp and pointy! Thankfully no one got hurt so it was a good day! 

Ella wanted to make a snow angel! 

She is an angel after all! 

My Frog fountain...Penelope...looked so cute with her flower umbrella covered in snow! 

That's a lot of snow! 

I love the fresh snow...especially when not too many people have driven on it. So pretty!