Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Family Pictures!

Last year my friend Starr decided to have her photography business take a backseat, but thankfully she decided to open up a couple of shoots since she was trying to save money for a trip. Our pictures were taken on Saturday, September 29th at Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley. It's hard to know what the weather is going to do since sometimes the end of September can be quite hot. Thankfully the weather was overcast and a tiny bit cooler so we all weren't melting in our long sleeves shirts and sweaters. 

This was the very first picture that Starr took before I remembered that Owen's glasses have transition lens! 

Look at these beautiful kiddos! 
Owen 11 - Jackson 10 - Ella 8 - Zeke 6 

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Michael. It's not Michael's normal smile, but there's something about it that I like. Plus I liked my hair and my hand in my pocket! 

Posing on a log! 

Since we were at a park that we hadn't been to before, the kids were all excited to explore and they would get a little annoyed with me when they'd need to come over and sit down for a photo. Thankfully they are all super photogenic and Starr is amazing with them so it usually ended up being quick and painless.


Mommy with my Ella girl! 

Daddy with his Martin boys! 

A week prior to our pictures I just happened to stop at Value Village on the east hill in Kent and I found this awesome red vest. I had been wanting one for a while. My striped shirt I found at Old Navy and I was bummed that they didn't have a flannel shirt that looked good to wear over it. The vest and shirt ended up working perfectly together for these pictures. 

I love this picture! I have it printed in a 16 X 20 canvas and it's over our fireplace! 

7th year of our tradition of getting a Blessings picture! 

And we always like to do some sort of silly picture. This one was a bit of a challenge. The boys were supposed to pretend to fight while Ella was supposed to look super annoyed. Of course in the beginning the boys didn't quite catch the word "pretend" when we told them. 

As usual I absolutely LOVE these pictures. Starr truly has a gift and I love that she hasn't been taking our family pictures every year since Zeke was born. I hope we can continue the tradition for years to come! :)