Thursday, May 23, 2019

Maui - Day 1 - Travel Day!

Recently I've been sleeping in until 7am...PTL that the children can take care of themselves in the morning. I am up at the same time they are, but I just have to worry about getting myself ready and not them. Yay!!! Anyways the morning of our trip I got up at 6am because we were leaving right after getting the kids on the bus and I knew we were going to have a lot of last minute things to do. While I was getting ready it occurred to me that I should probably bring one of those travel size Kleenex since I had been feeling sick all week. I keep those in the linen closet in the hallway so I wrapped myself in a robe and went out in the hall to get one. That's when I discovered this....


Plus there was a cowering bird over by the kids' doors. I went into our room and told Michael that Charlie had brought in a bird and didn't kill it. So at 6:30am we were out in the hallway trying to catch a bird. It ended up flying into the bathroom so we had it cornered. That's when I dawned on me...our windows don't have screens yet. So I opened the window and we tried to get the bird to fly out. Poor thing had already tried to fly out the window and smacked into it so that wasn't good. Michael had to get a towel and scoop it up and then put it out the window. That's when I went to finish getting dressed and Michael had to vacuum up all the feathers! 

We walked the kids to the bus and said goodbye! I told them the next time they would see us would be Mother's Day! Hint Hint!!!! ;) 

Michael and I walked back to the house and did one last glance to make sure we had everything. Right then Micah drove up to take us to the airport. 

He dropped us off at Hawaiian Airlines. I haven't flown in a while where I've had  to check luggage. I went to walk up to the counter and the lady standing there said we needed to go print out our luggage tags and boarding passes. We did that and then we went up to the counter and they checked our ID and boarding passes. Amazingly we didn't have to go through the whole craziness we normally do with Michael's name being used by terrorist. They must have changed something! 

When we got over to the TSA line it was CRAZY long. We knew we had to take the train to get to our gate and this line was so long we didn't know if we'd make it in time. There was a booth there with a lady talking about skipping the line. Michael went to check it out. It's called CLEAR. You can try it out and cancel get 30 days free so Michael thought why not. It didn't take very long...they scanned our fingerprints and eyes and then our licenses. We ended up getting to skip to the front of the line. 

While we were on the train I pulled the tags out that I ripped off the luggage tags and then Michael pulled out the ones he pulled off too. I didn't know he had pulled them off. I started freaking out that our luggage would not actually get to Maui since it didn't have any way to identify it. Michael was telling me it was fine and if we needed to we would just buy stuff. When we got to our gate they had just started boarding...thank goodness for the CLEAR thing. I walked up to the gate and showed the guy the tags we both had and he assured me that our luggage would get to Maui just fine. Thank heavens! 

We were in Zone 5 so we didn't load right away. 

Checking out our plane! 

In the gangway! This is getting real! 

The last time we flew on Hawaiian Airlines was when we went to Oahu for our honeymoon. 

We were in row 25 right over the wing! 

All seated and ready to go! 

This was also my first time with in-flight entertainment. Plus Hawaiian feeds you a meal. We got a Corned Beef and Fontina Cheese sandwich, Hawaiian Chips and this pineapple cookie. I chose to watch the movie Crazy Rich Asians. I loved it!!! After I was done watching it Michael and I switched seats so he could watch it too. He was thankful to be able to listen to something other than the really loud, annoying lady beside us! ;) 

Once we got off the plane we got our luggage and then road the shuttle bus to the rental car place. The line was HUGE, but I used one of the kiosks and got our rental car really fast. The lady asked if we wanted a convertible Beetle. It was cute and small...which was nice for parking, but the trunk space was hilarious.

Our first stop was at Costco. I didn't want to buy too much stuff since we were planning on enjoying ourselves by eating out. We ended up getting....a rotisserie chicken, Caesar salad, blueberries, cinnamon rolls, water and a box of Hawaiian chips. 

After that we were off to our condo in Ka'anapali. 

This is the view from the balcony in our room. The breeze would just come right was so nice! 

Our first night we were trying to stick to Pacific Time so we went out for an early dinner at 4:30pm. 

Before our trip I had asked friends on FB what restaurants people would recommend. One of them was Hanu Seafood and Pizza. I thought it was perfect since I love pizza and Michael loves seafood. We had a reservation with Open Table, but we didn't really need it since it was so early. 

We got a table right outside and thankfully they had that netting that blocked a little bit of the sun. I had completely forgotten to put on sunscreen before we left. 

Michael got sashimi and cocktail shrimp and I got a Margherita pizza. It was the best pizza! The crust was so thin and the cheese was so gooey. Even Michael ate two pieces and that's saying something! 

When we got out to the car it was HOT inside so we put the roof down to drive back to the condo. 

Here's our condo....we had a one bedroom, one bath. Our kitchen was really nice. We only ate at the table one time the entire trip. We also only sat on the couch a couple times to read. Mainly we were out having fun or we were watching shows on my laptop in bed. The couch wasn't really very comfortable at all. 

The bed was surprisingly comfortable. I slept great the whole time. Those windows above our bed opened so we could leave the slider open and just let the breeze go right through the whole condo. 

We decided to explore the grounds a little bit. This is the pool right outside our room.

Here's the view of our side of the building. Our condo is on the 3rd floor all the way on the left. We never had any issues with neighbors being noisy or disruptive at all. Papakea was a great place to stay! 

There are two Koi ponds and the Koi are huge too! 

In paradise with my man!!! 

The beach in front of Papakea isn't really accessible. When the tide is way out you can walk on it and we did later in the trip, but when we got there the tide was coming in. The stairs over by us were blocked off so we walked to the southern stairs and they were opened. We just walked down to the sand so we could take a picture and one wave came up and got us. From that one wave we had sand everywhere. I ended up having to rinse out my jeans in the sink and then dry them in the dryer since I needed to wear them the next day. 

The sun poking through the clouds looks so cool! 

Since we were trying to stay on Pacific Time we were in bed by 8pm and the alarm was set for 1:25am!!!