Friday, May 31, 2019

Maui - Day 9 - Last Day!

For our very last day in Maui we drove out to Leoda's to have breakfast. It was kind of funny because Leoda's is right on the way to the airport, but I did not want to leave quite yet so we drove out their just for breakfast and then came back.

Every single we time we took a tour that drove past this location we heard about how amazing it was. 

Waiting for our breakfast! 

Michael got a Frittata not know it was an egg dish. He doesn't usually like egg casserole type dishes, but he actually did enjoy this one so that's saying something. I got a breakfast pie...egg, bacon, cheese and spinach all inside this flake pie crust. I didn't even take a picture because I was too busy devouring it! I also got another Mimosa. 

Back and the condo I wanted to enjoy the ocean one last time! 

The water was out so far we were able to walk on the sand. Thankfully this sand was more fine than the sand in Napili Bay! 


The water was SO clear!! 

My beautiful palm trees! Yes they are mine! :) 

We walked over to the outdoor shower to rinse our feet off and then I went and sat on the bench by the water. I was totally stalling! 


There happen to be a guy that was coming down the walkway right when we were leaving and I asked him to take our picture. Too bad the shadows make it so you can't really see Michael's face! 

One last look from the condo! 

On our way to the airport wouldn't you know that was the first time we experienced traffic. The one and only road that leads out of the Lahaina area was at a standstill. We had heard from Lenny that sometimes there will be an accident on that road and they will close it for up to 6 hours to do an investigation. I told Michael I wouldn't be opposed to missing our flight! ;) 

Alas...we did make it to the airport in time. I will say the Maui airport is super confusing and sort of frustrating. Actually all airports of frustrating. The check-in kiosks were being SUPER S L O W!!! Then we got in line to check our bags, but we hadn't ran our luggage through the agricultural scanning machine...we didn't know we needed to do that because we weren't bringing and plants or food home. Thankfully they let us go to that machine and then we got to skip the baggage line and come right back to the front. 

Then it was off to the security! Unfortunately they didn't have CLEAR at the Maui airport so no skipping the TSA line. 

While we were waiting we saw this sign and Michael said..."That is not OSHA approved work attire!" kidding! :) 

On our way to the gate we had to put our carry on luggage through the agricultural scan and I thought Michael might lose it. He was just done! He really dislikes airports in general. When we got to our gate I decided that I was going to change into my pants and jacket that I packed in my backpack. I knew I didn't want to be cold on the plane. 

Thankfully there wasn't a super annoying person talking the entire flight this time and it helped that Michael and I both purchased movies. I watched First Man and he watched Welcome to Marwen. Once we were finished we switched seats so we could watch the other movie. 

We arrived back in Seattle around 11pm. My Dad was waiting to pick us in the cellphone lot so I called him and he came right over. 

This is how we felt about being home and back to reality! :) 

By the time we got home and visited with Ga-Ga and Pa it was after midnight. However, in Maui it was only 9pm so of course my body didn't want to go to sleep yet. I don't think I fell asleep until 1:30am. Then my wonderful kiddos woke me up to celebrate Mother's Day at 6:40am...which was only 3:40am in Maui. Oh yeah that was tough! The breakfast was great and all their gifts were so sweet. The best part was after we visited with them for a bit they suggested that they go play on their Kindles so we could get some more rest. That was the PERFECT Mother's Day gift EVER!!!