Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Jackson is 11th Years Old!!!

My Jackson Daniel is 11 years old today! 

Jackson has gone through a year of growth! 

Not necessarily in height, but in responsibility. 

This year Jack was on the patrol team and he's taken that job quite seriously. As a reward for a job well done the patrol team is getting to go to Wild Waves on Friday. I wonder if that's the main reason Jack was so excited to be on Patrol. :)

This year I finally got to chaperone one of Jack's field trips. We went to the to follow. That cute girl sitting next to Jack is Lizzy and they like each other!

Jack is also quite responsibly with his money. He's always saving up money to buy more BeyBlades. 

Yahoo...more money to go toward BeyBlades! :) :) :) 

Jackson has had his braces off for almost a year and his teeth are doing great. He had two of his teeth pulled in hopes that getting them out of the way will help the new ones to come in straight. He's also lost a ton of teeth!!! I swear between him and Ella I need to actually add tooth money into our monthly budget. Jack is still wearing his retainer at night and according to his orthodontist that's looking great so far. We shall see if he actually has to have another round of braces in the future. 

Jack has turned into big eater. He will eat two chili dogs for dinner! He also absolutely loves Dr. Pepper! 

Jack likes to play games, but they have to be games that he likes. Owen is always wanting to play games with him, but they are never the games that Jack likes. Right now Jack's all about playing Sorry!

Jack likes chicken, but would prefer having a cheeseburger so Chick-Fi-A is not his favorite!  

Jack's main love language is Quality Time and he sure did enjoy our time together playing mini golf! 

Jack's favorite color is red and honestly his classmates probably have no clue that he's worn a different shirt everyday of the school year. This is all they ever see....that red coat!!! I do love that coat, but I wish he would take it off every now and then. 

Jack is picky with his jeans. He will only wear Cat & Jack skinny jeans! Thankfully his taste is quite cost effective...they only cost $8 a pair! 

Side note: This picture above is quite accurate...this boy definitely knows how to clear a room! :P 

Jack is still a messy eater! His spot at the table is always sticky. He also still has trouble with his fine motor skills. It's nothing that's worth taking him to therapy for though. He just needs to work on being more aware of his surroundings and how they effect him. 

Jackson has always had this totally fake laugh, but when he finds something really funny he has the best real laugh....this mirror made him real laugh! 

Jack loves to help me bake. 

Owen and Jack have a complicated relationship. They are so close in age I had hoped they would be good friends, but they are so different from each other and they like different things. They do have their moments where they get along, but it's fleeting. 

Jackson is usually up for doing silly things or being dared to do something. 

Another red coat!! :) 

Jack's most irritating habit right now is his immense desire for competition. EVERYTHING is turned into a competition especially between him and Owen. Most of it is totally ridiculous and not even worth trying to compete against each other. For example...Owen was telling us that one of the teachers at school isn't coming back and then Jack said...oh I knew that last week. It's the tone and the way in which he says it that just drives me crazy! 

Again this boy just loves any and all shades of red....except pink! 

Jackson loves watching movies especially in the theater. He is a Marvel junkie like me! 

These two boys are just the best thing! They truly enjoy being together for hours and hours. Actually one of Jack's goals this year was to spend more time with Hansi. I would say that they do get to hang out most weekends so he's doing good at that goal. 

Jackson loves tradition and he'll let you know if we've forgotten to do something that we normally do. 

Jackson trying to put the star on the tree. 

He tries every year, but he still can't quite do it, but it's his job and I'm not letting any of the other kids have it. It's one thing that's his and I want him to have that special job. 

This Captain America was not happy with what happens to Captain America in The Endgames! 

He's totally a boy...he loves to gross us out by rolling his eyes back in his head. 

Jack and Owen do love to go on rides together so that's good! 

Didn't I say he's a messy eater!

Braces on....braces off! 

I was really impressed with how Jack handled his braces...he was pretty good at remembering to use his waterpik! 

Another thing Jack is particular about is his hair. He likes the sides to be shaved and then he likes the top longer so he can run his fingers through his hair and use goop to keep it in place. He is definitely the most opinionated of all our kids about what he wants and likes. He also will not wear any other shoes other that those Nike's that Ga-Ga bought him. 

Jackson loves school!! He's always the first kid out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning. Actually he's usually up, dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast before Owen or Zeke are even out of bed. Definitely a morning person like his Mama! 

He's also super responsible when it comes to his homework. He always gets right to it without me having to ask. He also has to get his planner signed every day and he is really consistent with getting it signed. 

He can be sweet when he wants to be! 

Jack still loves to do anything that challenges his body. He loves American Ninja Warrior! 

This was months ago so I bet the amount of BeyBlades he has now is more than double this. He's got quite a collection. He amazes me with how much he knows about them. Name, type, strengths and weaknesses. I do enjoy learning about them and all the different types, but then I get to a point where I can't absorb anymore BeyBlade information and I'll let Jack know that he has to wait until tomorrow to tell me anymore. 

Oh my goodness....look at this long hair! I've been trying to not let it get this long since I really like to see his forehead.

Jack loved going on the boat, but he did not like that he was wearing a girl life jacket. Apparently turquoise is only for girls! *Insert eyeroll*

I love to get selfies with all my kiddos! 

Jackson loves all types of cats...especially lions! 

 My adventurous boy!!! 

I love that he's still up for arts and crafts! 

Last June Jack made the decision to be baptized! We are so proud that he's taken that step in his faith!

Jackson has been so blessed to have great teachers every year of elementary school. 

This next year he'll be in the middle school at our school since it's a K8 and all the middle school teachers are awesome. I can't believe I'm going to have two kids in middle school!!! 

11 years ago today I woke up and could not breathe! It was all I could do to walk to the frig and get Owen a sippy cup full of milk. I was gasping for air! I had watched Deadliest Catch the night before and I had a dream that I was on a boat and it was getting pummeled by waves. At first I figured it was just my bodies way of reacting to my dream, but then it wouldn't go away. 

I went to the doctors to get checked out and everything was heart rate, Jack's heart rate and my oxygen levels were all normal, but I still could not catch my breath. The Doctor decided to monitor me and that's when things went crazy! I had one 5 minute long contraction and that got everyone's hearts racing. You know something major is happening when it was just you and your husband in a room and all of a sudden it's filled with 2 doctors and 4 nurses. That contraction lead to ultrasounds, being admitted and then having to wait hours before I could get a C-section since I had eaten right before the long contraction. It was a bit complicated and definitely memorable, but that's how Jackson is...he wanted to come into this world with a really cool story to go along with it. 

My sweet, sweet boy! I have loved watching you gain more and more responsibility this year and seeing you be committed to something and sticking to it. I have seen you really nurture your friendship with Hansi and how that has brought you so much joy. I have seen the beginnings of you first "girl friend" and how you get shy and embarrassed when we talk about you guys. 

Sitting here I'm realizing that I've been the only girl/woman other than Ga-Ga that has had your heart before this, but you are moving into a new chapter in your life. There will soon come a day when another woman will capture your heart so completely you will ask her to marry you. Oh how I pray for that woman even now. I pray that she loves the Lord with all her heart. I pray that she will honor and love you like a wife should love her husband. I pray for you that as you navigate these upcoming teenage years you will cling to the Lord and remember that He is in control. I pray that you'll look to Him and not be lead astray by those around you. I pray that you will treat your wife with great care and love her with all your heart.

There are so many wonderful things ahead for your my sweet Jackson and I can't wait to be part of your journey! 

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!!!