Thursday, June 13, 2019

Jack's First Mariner's Game!

A few months ago a lady from our church put on FB that her son was selling discounted Mariner tickets for a fundraiser. Jack has been wanting to go to a Mariner's game for years now. Ga-Ga was supposed to take him last year, but she was gone a lot during the summer and by the time she got back it just didn't work out. I mentioned it to her and she said she'd buy 4 tickets so her, Pa, Michael and Jack could all go to celebrate Jack's birthday. 

We were trying to figure out when to tell Jack and then I decided it would be good to wait until after Zeke's fun birthday outing with Daddy and the boys. On Thursday, May 30th we had a Family Dinner with Ga-Ga & Pa and they told Jackson during dinner that they were taking him to a Mariner's Game the very next day. 

Jack got off the bus around 3:30pm and it wasn't long and they all piled in Ga-Ga & Pa's car and headed off to the park. 

This was the last day that Ga-Ga's handicap placard was valid so they got a really nice parking spot in the garage. 

Before going Ga-Ga had decided that she wanted to buy Jackson the birthday package. 

They had to go to a certain spot to pick it up. The package included getting a birthday message on the big screen, a team bag that had a ball, a hat and a $5 coupon. It also has a 10% off coupon that he can use at the team store. 

Their seats were in the 100 level right on the first base line. 

Jackson got pizza for dinner!!! 

The theme for that night was Star Wars Fireworks. I think it had to do with the fact that Stars Wars Galaxy's Edge just opening at Disneyland. They had all these people dressed up like characters from the movies. 

Jack didn't want to get his picture with anyone. His favorite character from the newer movies is Poe, but he said that the guy that was dressed like Poe didn't look like Poe. 

Nice view of the park! 

Enjoying the ballgame!!! 

It's going to take some time before I think of this place as anything but Safeco Field. 

Here's Jackson's birthday message on the big screen. Sadly right before this showed up Jack HAD to go to the bathroom. They didn't know it was going to be coming up so quickly. Thankfully Pa was able to snap this picture so they were able to show it to him. 

Home Run!!! 

I love this smile! 

Another home run! 

One of the best things was...the Mariners WON!!! I prayed that they would win. It is fun being at the game no matter what, but always more fun if the home team wins!! 

Some time during the game Jackson finally decided what he wanted to spend his money on at the store. Ga-Ga took him and he decided to get 2 signed balls. She said he did have to pull out every single one to find the exact two he wanted. 

After the game there was a fireworks show! 

On the screen they show parts of the Star Wars Movies. They also played Star Wars music. 

Cellphone flashlights to end the show! 

Michael and Jack got home right around 11pm. Jack had had quite a fun day with his field trip and a baseball game. He was so happy and I couldn't wait to hear all about it the next day.