Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ella's Field Trip!

On May 28th I got to go with Ella's class to the Pacific Science Center. If you're counting now that means I've been to PSC three times so far this year. :) 

I haven't chaperoned a field trip for Ella since she was in kindergarten when we went to the zoo. 

I had 5 girls....left to right - Ashley, Stacey, Kelen, Ella and Whitney.

They had been learning all about bugs so we tried to spend a good amount of time in the bug area. Once we finished up we sat down so the girls could read the information they had on the bug they chose to research. 

Then we moved onto the brain teaser area. I was so excited because I finally figured out how to get the 6 blocks to fit in the box so the lid could shut! I guess it pays to go to PSC over and over. :) :) 

The girls loved this slide puzzle! 

We also spent a bit of time in the space area. 

The girls want to go over to the Tide Pool area and touch sea creatures. I'm not sure if I just haven't paid attention to this in the past or if it's new, but they had an area with shells in it that you could pick up. The shells had hermit crabs in them. 

Ella held the hermit crab until it came out to walk around it was really cool! 

After holding the hermit crabs the girls washed up and then we started walking towards the International Fountain. We were supposed to meet up with all the other groups to eat lunch there. Unfortunately the fountain had fencing all around it and the fountain wasn't on. I think that was actually a good thing because it was a bit windy and chilly out. 

The 2nd graders!!! 

I wanted a picture with my girls! They were all so good and had a lot of fun! 

We were spreading our Butterfly wings since that's the name that the girls decided on for our group. I tell you coming up with group names on field trips should be a must!