Sunday, June 9, 2019

Date Night!

A few months ago we realized that our 20th Anniversary and Lance and Rachael's 10th Anniversary fell in the same month. I'm not sure why I didn't know that we got married in the same month before now, but now we do! 

They had never been to The Melting Pot and I love going there so I thought it would be fun to go on a date night together to celebrate. 

My parents had the kids that day and Rachael's sister had their kids so we were all set. 

Lance and Rachael picked us up around 5pm and we got to the restaurant prior to our reservation at 6pm. 

It's just crazy to me that we've never even gone on a date together prior to this and we've know each other for almost 10 years!!! I guess that's what happens when you have 8 kids between the two couples. 

I figured I would use this special night as another opportunity to wear the dress I got on Amazon! Rachael borrowed a dress from a friend and it was really pretty. 

We did the four course dinner - cheese fondue, salad, main course and dessert fondue! I got the classic meat entree. Lance had never been to fondue before so when the meat showed up and it was raw he was a little concerned. He got the hang of it though! :) 

Since there was only one burner at our table we had to agree on quite a few things...the type of cheese fondue, the cooking style for our main course and our chocolate fondue. It wasn't an issue at all and we all easily agreed on the Flaming Turtle Chocolate fondue. It's amazing!!! 

I think this was when the server told us about the time when a different server put too much alcohol on the fondue and the flames shot up a few feet in the air! That would be scary! 

Finally got a full length picture of my dress. I wish I had thought to take my jacket off though. Oh well! We finished our 4 courses and then headed home. By this point my parents were back at the house putting the kids to bed. They were surprised we were home so early, but we had actually been at dinner for 3 hours. It would have been fun to go out for drinks or something with Lance and Rachael, but they had to be on the road at 4am the next day headed to Eastern Washington so that wasn't going to happen. Maybe next time though!