Saturday, June 8, 2019

Zeke's Actual Birthday!

Zeke's actual birthday fell on Wednesday, May 22nd. We always let the birthday kiddo pick out whatever we are having for dinner. Zeke wanted pizza and he wanted Pizza The Hut! This made Michael very happy since he hates Costco Pizza. 

There was a deal going on so I got the kids the dinner box. Pan pizza, bread sticks and cinnamon sticks. Those cinnamon sticks were amazing!!! I got a supreme pizza for me and Michael and Ella ended up eating it too! 

Time for presents. Zeke's present was too big for any of our bags and we don't have birthday paper so a Seahawks blanket for the win. 

What is it??

Nerf Gun! 

 I got this back on Black Friday when their was a buy one get one free deal at Fred Meyer's. Owen got the other Nerf Gun for his birthday present. What I didn't realize is that we already have this exact gun. Thankfully it's Jack's so now Zeke and him have matching guns. 

Loading his weapon! 

Ready to do some damage! 

Zeke's birthday also fell on Awards Night at Awanas. 

No...Zeke doesn't normally sit in a 5 point harness seat!!! Although he did ride in this until he was 6 years old. I had been watching Rachael's kids twice a week and Jaymes needed a place to sit when I would take Reagan to preschool so we just left the car seat it in the van instead of taking it in and out every week. 

Zeke's been a good sport about it and yes it is actually rated for kids as big as he is so he's been safe riding in it. I just finished watching Reagan and Jaymes so we'll be taking this car seat out for good now. 

Awards Night at Awanas is just what it sounds like. All the kids and even the teachers get awards for the progress they made during the year. This is the Sparks's not even all of them since a few were missing. Sparks is for kids in grade K - 2nd grade. Ella and Zeke were together in this group. 

The kids each have a bag that holds their book and they get a vest that they put their patches or jewels on. 

Ella is on the far left holding her certificate. 

Ella and Zeke didn't quite finish their books this year, but we can work on them through the summer and they'll get awarded for it next year. 

Owen and Jack are in the Truth & Training Group (T&T). This group is for 3rd - 6th grade. Both the older boys finished their books and earned the right to be able to go to camp. The church is even paying for half of the cost. I'm so excited for them to go off to camp! I always loved camp and I sure hope they do too! 

Here's the T&T group...of course there are some missing here as well. 

Owen and Jack receiving the Alpha Award! 

The boys got the Alpha Award because they finished their books. They also got this certificate. The teacher was so proud of all the kids. She said the first year they did the program with the books only 2 kids finished their books. Last year 6 kids finished their books, but this year 21 kids finished!!! So awesome! 

Next year Zeke will still be in Sparks, but Ella is moving up to T&T while Owen & Jack move up to Trek! 

After Awards Night it was time for cake to celebrate this cute 7 year old! 

Zeke had specifically asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting so I made him a homemade one! 

Making a wish!!! 

Since I was watching Reagan and Jaymes on Wednesday I wasn't able to bring treats into Zeke's class until the day after his birthday.  

I always get the kids mini donuts in two flavors. Usually chocolate and powdered sugar, but Fred Meyer's was out of powdered sugar so I got glazed instead. 

Zeke's whole class! 

They loved singing to him! 

This guy had a great time celebrating his birthday on more than one day!