Friday, June 14, 2019

Jack's 11 Year Pictures!

The morning after Jack's crazy day that was filled with a field trip and a Mariner's Game, I had his birthday pictures scheduled. We had to get to JCP's by 10am. 

He's at such a great age in regards to getting his pictures taken. He still tries to do his fake smile, but all I have to say is something disgusting like...."Think about giraffes pooping out popsicles" and he smiles so great. 

Eleven years old....CRAZY!!! 

I keep thinking that he's going to stop wanting to bring a stuffed animal with him, but he keeps doing it. This time it was Leo the lion. I love that he does though...I want him to stay as young as he can for as long as he can! 

After getting his pictures taken a different employee was going to show us Jack's pictures. He was new and I'm all for helping people learn how to do their job, but he was having trouble with the computer and it was taking forever. I was actually taking Jack over to The Flying Circus by 11am for his friend Trevor's birthday so we needed to go. After we got to pick out the pictures I asked the manager if they needed me for anything else. I was using a Groupon so I knew I wasn't going to have to pay anything and by this point Jack was going to be late to the party. She got it all squared away so we could leave. Thankfully Jack was only a few minutes late to the party and they were still doing the checking in process.