Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Zeke's 7 Year Old Pictures!

While Michael was at home finishing up in the garden area, Zeke and I were on our way to JCP's for his birthday pictures. Zeke's pictures were originally schedule for May 25th the same day as our Date Night with Lance and Rachael. I decided to reschedule his pictures since Michael and I wanted to go to Lowe's to order all the lumber to rebuild our deck. My parents were watching the kids so I needed to get them down to their house and then get back so we'd have enough time to shop and get cleaned up for our date. 

The lady that ended up taking Zeke's pictures was actually the twin sister of the lady that took Jack's pictures the day before. The only reason I could tell them apart was because one has short hair and the other has long hair. They were both really sweet ladies. 

Zeke decided to bring his fox with him. He's such a handsome guy!! I just noticed his green socks! :) It's so funny how different my boys are. Owen likes long white socks, Jack likes short white socks and Zeke likes long colored socks. It sure makes it easy to sort the socks though! 

If this is accurate he's almost 4 ft tall. He's having his well check-up soon so we'll know for sure then. 

7 Years Old...how can it be?? Love this sweet boy of mine!!