Monday, June 17, 2019

Ella Paints Penelope!

When Ella and I were working in the front yard she saw how faded Penelope had become and she asked if she could paint her. I told her that the first thing she needed to do was clean her. Penelope was disgusting slimy, moldy gross. Ella and Zeke worked together to spray and scrub her clean. Then we let her dry overnight. 

Very next day Ella wanted to paint her. I didn't buy any paints we just used whatever acrylic paint I had on hand. At first I was thinking that I wanted to try to paint Penelope all pretty with contrasting colors like she was painted before, but then I just decided that I wanted Ella to paint her and for it to be her own. 

Poor faded Penelope!!! 

Ella first painted the top flower pink. 

We chose to paint the flower where the water comes out orange. 

While that was drying Ella painted the base black. 

Living her best life!!! 

A couple days later Ella painted Penelope green and she was finished. 

Penelope hadn't worked last summer so Michael had to put her back together and he got her pump to work. Ella was so proud of her work. 

The next day I was sitting on my bench in the front yard reading a book when a couple neighbors walked by and they noticed that she had been painted. I told them that my 9 year old painted her and I loved how she turned out. The lady said to tell Ella and she did a terrific job!!! I certainly think so too!