Monday, June 10, 2019

Zeke's Fun Birthday Outing!

I've been trying to check Groupon regularly since they have some pretty great deals. When you have 4 kids it's not cheap to go and have family fun! I found this Groupon for Brainy Actz in Tacoma. It was only $24 for an hour Nerf War for 4 people. I snagged that right up!!! I thought it would be a fun thing for Michael to take the boys to on Memorial Day as a sort of birthday outing for Zeke. Right after buying it I tried to use my Groupon on their website and it would not take the code. This ended up being such a hassle. I had to call the company and they blamed Groupon and then I contacted Groupon and they blamed the company and back and forth we went. Finally I got my money back from Groupon and then Brainy Actz honored the Groupon price and I just bought it straight from them. 

I had schedule the boys hour long session at 1:15pm since it was Memorial Day and I knew that Michael wouldn't want to rush off. When they walked into the place Michael immediately felt like it was going to be a waste of time. He said that the room was just a square with 4 small inflatables to hid behind. Of course he was going to give it a chance. When they started the war he said that 2/3's of the gun would not work...they just kept jamming up. He told an employee and the guy didn't seem to care at all and he went back to sit down. Afte a little while Michael said that 2/3's of the people just walked out. What a waste of time. 

Michael called me and told me what happened and I felt so bad about it. He decided to take the boys to mini golf and that's when I reminded him about having the Groupons to The Family Fun Center so they could golf there and not have to spend any money. I felt like the day could still be redeemed. 

Once I got off the phone with him I immediately called up Brainy Actz and explained the situation. The guy was very polite and said that that situation is not normal and they have cameras so he was going to review the footage and take action. I didn't ask for anything, but he offered to give us an Escape Room experience for free which was really nice. We haven't scheduled that yet, but I hope it ends up being fun! 

It was a beautiful day for mini golfing! 

Prior to going mini golfing Michael took the boys to MCD's since they were hungry! 

Owen ended up winning, but I'd say it was a win for everyone since they had a fun day together!!!