Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Shopping Date With Ella!

After taking Zeke to get his pictures on Sunday June 2nd, it was time for Ella and I to go on a shopping date. Ella really needed new summer clothes. So many of her shorts are WAY TOO short. Plus I'm tired of picking out her clothes and then she hates them. This time she was going to pick them out, but there would be parameters! 

What kind of started this was that the boys are going to Awanas Camp in August. When I was signing them up for this I had to read the dress code to them. When I got to the girls portion of the dress code I realized that Ella would not be able to go to camp. You can not wear skin tight clothes to Awanas camp and that includes leggings or jean leggings. This is all Ella wears!!! 

I have tried time and time again to get her to wear jeans, but she hates them. I told Ella that she is going into 3rd grade next year...she's going to be on the older side of the school so it's time that she started dressing older. Sure she can still wear leggings with dresses over them, but we are going to make sure that all her shirts go below her bottom. As she gets older her body is going to be changing and we need to make sure she is being modest. I told her right before school starts we are going to try on a bunch of different jeans until we find a pair that she likes. This time around we were just focused on summer clothes though. 

Of course she had to model all her clothes for Daddy when we got home. 

The hat is not new, but her shirt and her shorts are. These are sporty shorts with butterflies on them. She loves shirts that sparkle and are ombre colored! Her shirt says. Dream Believe Achieve Repeat

This was my favorite outfit. I think Ella looks so cute in Capri leggings. She loves the tank top because there were these fun straps in the back. 

Here she is with a new pair of shorts with stars on them. 

Another sporty short outfit. 

This one also had fun straps in the back. 

At Zeke and Jack's party Ella's friend Anna wore these cute Bermuda shorts and I loved them. Ella tried them on and decided she would wear them. When we got home I reminded her that she had a shirt that would match the pretty lace accents that were on the bottom of the shorts and in the pockets. She tried it on with that shirt and loved it. 

I had so much fun with my girl and we only spent $54 at War-Mart for 4 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of Capri leggings and 3 tank tops.