Saturday, May 18, 2019

Zeke's Field Trip!

A short while after I took the kids to the Pacific Science Center Zeke came home with a field trip permission slip. His grade was going to the PSC specifically to see the planetarium since they were learning about that stuff at school. They were also asking for chaperones so of course I signed up!  

Waiting on the bus! Unlike when I drove to the PSC the bus did not use the tunnel it stayed on I-5. :( 

Heading in! 

We had a some time to explore before it would be our turn in the planetarium so we went and looked at the dinosaur section. We then explored the planet area outside the planetarium. 

Since we still had more time we went to see the butterflies. It was nice to get to spend more time in that area since we had to rush when we were there a few weeks before. 

I was really surprised by how freaked out some of the kids were with the butterflies. They didn't even like them flying around. 

There were so many beautiful colors and thankfully I didn't see any dead ones this time! 

We sat down for a little bit and had a snack and then it was time for us to head over and get in line for the show. 

My group of kids. 

We had to come up with a name because there were so many other kids around and it got tiring to say every persons name. So we called ourselves the Astro group! 

All seated and ready for the planetarium show. The show was fun and it was led by the same guy that did the Combustion show we saw, but it was so uncomfortable. The seating is this big circle couch that goes all the way around the room and the backs are leaned back to you can easily see the "sky", but for me it was really hurting my neck by the time we were finished. I was certainly okay that it was over. 

After the show we went downstairs and ate lunch in this area by the IMAX movie theater. There was a bunch of cool stuff down there that I'd never seen before. 

After lunch we came back upstairs and visited the area with the drive thru where the kids and I had so much fun! 

Towards the end of our time we wanted some fresh air so we headed outside to let the kids play with the water toys. We also visited the Grossolgy bathrooms and the kids thought those were so funny! 

All the kids that were in my group did great. I did have an extra helper since one of the kids has some special needs so his Para was with him. It was great to have another adult to talk to and help me keep track of 6 kids. :)