Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Zeke is 7 Years Old!

Our Zeke Man is now 7 years old! 

Holy Cow it's been 7 years since I've had an newborn! 

Zekers was my little buddy for long it's still kind of feels funny not having him at home with me during the day. 

He loves school though...even if he says he's doesn't. This year I got to go with him on his field trip to the Pacific Science Center! 

 Zeke loves holidays...especially if they are holidays where he gets candy. At the same time he's not a candy crazy kiddo! 

Zeke has been getting better at participating in Kids Church. He still doesn't necessarily want to go up on stage and help Ms. Colleen with the motions to the songs, but he'll get there! 

He loves the free time before and after Kids Church! 

He has definitely gotten more daring when it comes to water. The first time we went to GWL he only when down two water slides. This last time was our third time going and he was totally comfortable. He still can't go down the Tornado yet, but at least he doesn't want to spend any time in the kiddie area anymore. 

I feel like Zeke has made some process this year in regards to eating. He's still picky don't get me wrong, but he will actually try things and sometimes he surprises us by liking it. He knows the rules though...don't eat dinner...then you go to your room for the rest of the night. Honestly I don't think it bothers him all that much. 

Chic-Fil-A chicken strips are something he LOVES! He eats all 3 of them! 

This year we had the kids take a love language test and turns out Zeke's is Quality Time. 

He sure loved getting to go to a movie with just Daddy! 

Dinosaurs still hold a special place in his heart! 

He still completely schools me when it comes to knowing the names of all the dinosaurs and how to correctly pronounce them! 

The struggle is real!!! :) :) 

He is such a good selfie partner! 

Zeke has gotten better at reading this year. Not that we've been very good at having him to read us. This is one thing we struggle with as parents. I know I'm not alone, but it doesn't make me feel any less guilty about it! :) 

Zeker is still so little. At least he looks that way to me. He's probably the same size as Owen or Jack were at this age, but he's also able to make himself so small by cuddling up like a baby. 

Such a good helper! 

For the boys who hated the snow when he was a baby he's sure liking it now! 

Zeke loves going to the park! 

He loves climbing, sliding and swinging. In fact this year he learned to swing all by himself! 

Zeke loves to build things. 

Doesn't matter if it's with Lincoln Logs, Metal sticks, Legos, army men, dinosaurs or Axis and Allies pieces. He likes to make set ups!

Ringing in the New Year with friends is always fun! 

He also loves Magna Tiles, but I always forget we had these. I think I need to bring them downstairs so he'll pay with them more. 

Zeke loves to pay on his Kindle or on the computer. Especially Pa's computer! 

I love it when he gets excited!!! 

Zeke is really the one kid that consistently sleeps in pajamas. I love it! There's something about cute jammies that just makes him seem younger! 

Zeke is Pa's boy for sure! 

When it comes to his wishlist he's always wanting to add more dinosaurs. 

That and army men. This year I've been trying to get him to figure out other things that he likes. He does play with those things, but we already have enough. He decided that he wants more Jurassic World Legos and he wants targets to shoot at with his Nerf Guns. I call that progress! 

Last year Zeke lost his first tooth. It's still the only tooth he's lost and it doesn't seem like he's going to lose anymore anytime soon! 

Zeke loves arts and crafts! 

He's also a great artist! 

My sweet baby face boy! 

Best firefighter around! 

There's a lot going on here. Zeke's got a Spiderman mask, a turtle balloon bracelet and an Elmo sidekick! :) :) 

All the kids were SO tough on their backpacks that Ga-Ga bought all the boys new Jansport backpacks. I actually found one at Value Village for Ella. They just hold up so much better. We'll see if his makes it through all his schooling years! 

Always up for a craft project! 

He kind of has a mischievous look on his face right here. Zeke is in the exact same placement as Michael was...the youngest of 4. If he grows up to be anything like his Daddy then he'll definitely be mischievous! 

Zeke loves maps and navigating! 

So strong! 

That smile melts my heart! 

Hanging out on a bear with his brother! 

All ready to start 1st grade! Owen and Zeke both those Axis and Allies, but boy do they get on each others nerves. It's probably the whole age difference! 

His hair gets so blond in the summer time! I love it! 

I can't believe he's about to finish his 1st grade year! 

Such a little guy! 

Zeke loves pizza!! In fact he chose to have Pizza Hut pizza for dinner on his actual birthday. Daddy was SO happy he didn't pick Costco pizza! 

Cute boy is so small and doesn't have an ounce of fat on him so he always ends up freezing when we go swimming anywhere. Even in Great Wolf Lodge where it's 80+ degrees inside. 

He's such a character! 

He wants to be one of the big boys! 

He's such a Mama's boy! 

As well as a Ga-Ga boy! 

Cool dude in his shades! He's actually the kid that likes to wear sunglasses. 

He can always count on Ga-Ga to have a 'nack' for him! 

Getting loved on by his cousin Vreni at the Family Reunion! People can't help but fall in love with him! 

Getting carried around by Daddy! 

So bright on the ferry! 

Splashing around! 

Zeke has such a creative mind. Jack and him had so much fun creating weapons out of all the firework remnants laying around Ga-Ga & Pa's neighborhood.

He's got the cheese down pat! 

Zeke loves his Jackson and for the most part the feeling is mutual! 

What else should I do at the beach except eat! 

Seeing Daddy at work! 

Zeke wanted his kite to fly so bad, but the wind was just not cooperating. He tried and tried though. It was sweet to see him not just giving up! 

Finishing up Kindergarten! So thankful Ms. Davidson got to teach each of my kiddos! 

Celebrating being 6! 

Zeke Man I just rereading your birth story the other day and reliving all the emotions that where going through my mind while waiting for the doctor to pull you out so we'd finally know....are you a he or a she!!! That last month of my pregnancy with you was absolutely torture. I wanted to know what to call you! I'm still glad we waited though...what a fun thing to experience. You are the cherry that topped off our family for sure! 

You are such a sweet boy! You love to cuddle...we just wish you had a little more meat on your bones so you wouldn't kill us with your elbows and your boney bum! I love that you always want one more hug or one more kiss before bed. You still make the funniest noises. You are such a grunter and a sigher. You definitely make your emotions known! You also are incapable of standing or sitting still! It just doesn't ever happen. You also have the hardest time just spitting out what you want to say. You take such a long time to get to your point. It can be maddening! You can drive us all crazy as you should being the youngest child, but you also can make us laugh and laugh. People are always telling us that they love your cute little voice. You bring joy to everyone around you! 

You will be starting 2nd grade later this year and I'm not sure how I feel about that! That's the last year before school turns legit! You just seem so small and little to me I can't imagine you being that big yet. You are my baby boy! 

I love you so much buddy! I pray that God will lead you and guide you in everything you do! I hope you have a great time celebrating your 7th birthday with people that love you for you! 

Happy Birthday Zeke Man!