Thursday, May 16, 2019

Riverview Egg Hunt 2019

This years Easter Egg Hunt was on Saturday, April 20th. We slept in and were so tired we thought about going to the 1pm hunt instead of the 10am, but then we just decided to get in gear and go for it. I'm so glad we did because the 10am hunt wasn't nearly as crazy as the 1pm hunt. 

Waiting in the auditorium for the action to begin! 

We are all dorks! 

When we walked into the auditorium at church we noticed a few huge changes with the stage. First off it got painted black. 

Second, we now have 2 huge screens on either side and third...there is this fun area in the middle that can be used to display different things depending on what the sermon is on. I love it!!!! 

There were also a couple changes this year in regards to how the Egg Hunt itself was ran. In the past they have given everyone a raffle ticket and called around 10 numbers for each hunt. This takes up a lot of time and usually all the kids are getting antsy about going and hunting eggs. This time they only drew 3 names. Another way kids got prizes were by getting eggs that had a prize coupon in them. This was amazing for a couple made the kids want to open their eggs at church to see if they got a ticket and then they were more likely to recycle their eggs so we can use them next year. Win-win all around! 

The lower fields are separated into 3 fields. Preschool - Kindergarten & 1st - 2nd & 3rd. I had Zeke join Ella in the 2nd & 3rd grade field so they could be together and I didn't have to pay attention to two fields. Plus the K & 1st grade field had a lot of kids. 

Like I said the 10am hunt was not as crazy so the kids got a lot of eggs! 

They just kept gathering more and more! 

By the time the younger kids hunt started the older kids hunt on the upper field was already finished. Michael was taking a video of the lower field. 

She filled her bag!!! 

Zeke kept going for a little bit! 

This time they closed off the auditorium so instead of hanging out in there we just sat in the Foyer and dumped out all the eggs. 

These kids did not lack candy that's for sure! 

The boys are always so sweet and they share their chocolate candy with Ella. 

Only Jack and Ella wanted a pictures with the 2 bunnies! 

Zeke and Owen both found a prize coupon in one of their eggs. Owen ended up giving his bunny to his friend Karah later that week. 

Owen and Ella both wanted to get their face painted. They got in just before they stopped accepting more kids. 

After this we all went home and then I turned right back around and came back to volunteer for the 1pm hunt. I manned the cotton candy table and then helped piece back together the eggs so we can put them into storage for next years hunt! It's a lot of work, but there were a lot of people that stayed so that always makes it more fun! Michael always makes fun of me because he says my idea of fun and his idea of fun are completely different! :)