Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Big Show @ The Little Gym

Owen has been going to The Little Gym since he was 8 months old and today was the last day of the semester. Owen is know as a Bug at The Little Gym and if he was going to continue with the program he would be moving up to Birds this next semester. Unfortunately it's just too expensive right now. Plus at his age the parents need to be very involved with helping the kids do some of the flips and let me tell you it's getting pretty hard to do that stuff since my belly is getting bigger. I'm hoping that come next September we can put him back in though. He really enjoys it!
This is Owen's first crush - Miss Shannon our Little Gym instructor!
This is one of the tricks they use to help build the kids confidence while walking and also help the parents from hurting their backs!
They always set up different crawling courses for the kids. Owen especially liked crawling through this tunnel today.
Owen does this all the time, it's his way of saying, "Hey somebody turn me over"!
Here are all the graduates and their metals! Right to left - Hope, Sophia, Owen, Kaya and Margo. Owen is one lucky boy surrounded by all those cute girls!