Monday, January 21, 2008

Got Milk?

Since Owen is a year old now he doesn't have to drink formula anymore he can have regular whole milk just like we do. At first I wasn't sure if the taste was going to bother him or not. I tried to see if he would take it cold so we didn't have to heat it up, but no such luck. Once it's heated up though he's in heaven. I actually think he likes milk better than he liked his formula. He's also holding his bottle now like a big boy. For the longest time he wouldn't eat unless you held it and lets face it, the kid needs to eat so we just held it for him. Slowly we started having him hold it and now he's a pro. The funny thing is he's started this thing where he keeps clearing his throat. At first I thought it was because of the change to milk and his cold. I thought that he must have some gunk in his throat and it's getting worse because of drinking milk. The other day he just kept clearing his throat at random so I think it's just a new trick to play around with.


Unknown said...

Now that he's getting some good bovine hormones in his system, I bet he'll start growing a lot more.