Monday, January 14, 2008

Owen's 1st Birthday!

On Saturday we had Owen's 1st Birthday party. It was mainly family with just a few friends. The house was PACKED!!! It was great fun though. We had the Seahawks game on during the party and I'm happy that I was distracted by the party so I didn't end up screaming obscenities at the TV. Owen got to try cake, but like I've mentioned before he's the pickiest eater so he didn't want to touch it. Grandma Grant fed him a little, but all in all he wasn't impressed. After cake I changed him and then he opened his presents. He got some clothes, books, money and toys. There were some duplicate toys and books, but that's what happens when your birthday is so close to Christmas. He did really well considering there was a lot going on. He even took a nap while there was a bunch of people still hear...he was totally exhausted. I still can't believe he's a year old. Actual birthday is tomorrow though, but his birth date is today. He was born on a Monday. It's amazing to think back to this time last year and see how different he is now and how much we've learned along the way.