Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rainy Day at the Fair

On Saturday we went to the Puyallup Fair with our friends Micah, Kim and Andy. It was such a yucky rainy day, but we had been planning it for a while and I had already bought the tickets. So we bundled up and headed out. There is lots of stuff to do inside so we didn't really get that soaked. We did (against good Washingtonian rules) actually have umbrellas with us and they came in handy. Owen rode around in his new backpack that I bought on Craigslist the day before. He actually fell asleep in it! Totally awesome!! Jack and Andy spent most of the time being bundled up in their strollers. Kim is always so prepared and she found out online that they have one nursing station on the fairgrounds so we were able to feed and change the boys in a nice dry place. Owen also enjoyed pushing the stroller and stomping in the puddles. He also was being quite a socialite with some of the other fair goers.