Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's that time again to join in the fun of being brutally honest about your downfalls as a mother, sister, wife, friend...etc. MckMama posted some quite brutal ones this week.

1. I did not just get around to changing the sheets that I talked about in this post. That would be totally disgusting to go that long without changing your sheets. I mean it's not like a have anything else to do!

2. I am most definitely not a nag and I did not go on and on about wanting Christmas lights on our posts outside so much so that my wonderful husband ended up putting them up just to get me to stop talking about them. I would never!!!

3. I did not actually say out loud to my husband the other day that I wished I was pregnant. We have two kids under two so that would be insane to wish such a thing. Life is just too busy right now to be adding to it.