Thursday, December 18, 2008

Say what???

Back in November I helped throw a baby shower for my friend Jen. She was pregnant with her 5th child. Early on in the pregnancy they were able to find out they were having a girl. So another friend Katie and I decided to have a shower for her since she had no girl stuff. We had tons of fun and I'm sure everyone else did picking out cute pink stuff. In fact I know Jen's mom Debbie had a blast buy this little hat for Macy!

Jen is notorious for having her babies on their due dates (4 out of 5 were born on their exact due date, her 4th son Charlie only missed it by one day) and this baby was no different. Her due date was December 14th and she gave birth at 2:11am on that date. The only thing is...

It's a BOY!!!!
Joseph Avery Meyer decided to surprise basically everyone when he popped out as a cute round chubby cheeked baby boy. After a big shock Jen, her husband and their 4 boys (which were all rooting for another boy) are now getting used to the fact that the baby is a he not a she. There were some tears shed as you can imagine when you are expecting one thing and get another, but Joey is definitely felling the love and I'm pretty sure they think he's a keeper!!!


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Hoo Ah!